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Huntington WV Raw Show

Posted in News by Jack at 00:30, Aug 04 2007

By Oneinchbiceps

Really enjoyed the show. I called the Arena earlier to see if it would be alright for camera?s. Lady on the phone said small camera?s or no recording equipment of any sort. My camera has a video recorder on it so I was to scared to take in the building. Looking around at everyone I noticed a few Digital Camera?s that had to have this feature and really regretted not bringing mine in. Here a short recap of the show.

- Davari lost to Cody Rhodes. Davari entered talked Arab in the mic crowd yelled to shut up. Cody came out. Slight USA chant. Cody was fan favorite, had everyone cheering for his comebacks with Cody. Great opening match.

- The announcer asked people in the attendance who?d want to be his manager for the night? He looked around the crowd and picked a young man from the front row. The announcer after finding out the child?s name announced it as Blake.

-Super Crazy lost to William Regal. Regal came in first then Super Crazy. After the match Regal went to roll out of the ring, whether he meant to mess this up or not, I?m not sure he hit the apron and didn?t roll out at all. Then scooted under the bottom ring rope. Think he did this a comedy spot after beating the fan favorite in Crazy.

- Sylvian lost to Hacksaw Jim Duggan. Sylvian and Marice came out, Sylvian with blond hair now seems he doing a Gorgeous George angle now. Duggan came out with his signature 2 X 4 then Blake the manager from earlier came out holding and waving the American flag. Duggan started the match with a USA chant spectators went along with no hesitation.

- Gillian Hall lost to Candice. Val Venis was assigned to be the ref for the night in this match. Gillian came out and started singing on the house Mic, crowd booed. Not sure what song she was singing. Candice came out crowd went nuts. Few botched spots other then that fine match.

- The Highlander lost to Cade and Murdoch. Sometime during the match Murdoch grabbed the house Mic and asked the crowd why audience were giving them a hard time, they do everything fair. Cade and Murdock retained by cheating with the ref back turned.

- Jerry the King Lawler lost to Booker T after Sharmell gave Lawler a low blow after being whip to the ropes by Booker. Booker T came out and grabbed the mic said to the crowd Lawler wasn?t in the building tonight then mention about Raw last Monday where Booker lost via ref call due to punches in the corner. Booker did a long promo on Lawler. Lawler music hits Jerry comes out in blue tank top and Wrangler jeans. Booker makes fun of Lawler ring gear, Jerry gets the mic and explains he flew here from Memphis TN, into Charleston WV, if it wasn?t for Delta Airlines who lost his wrestling gear he would of had his trunks tonight. Lawler then told Booker that his dads name was Jerome like Bookers been calling him before and not to say anything bad about his father cause he?s dead now. Booker takes the Mic calls Lawler father a Dead Punk. Lawler attacks. This had to be the highlight of the night for me.

-Santino lost to Umaga, Jack Doan the ref that had a run in with Santino last Monday Night hit the ring. Santino came out did a promo on Doan about Umaga on last Monday Night Raw and. Umaga music hits again. Santino ask, just like on Raw why is he doing this again, their is no call for it. Umaga gets in the ring Jack Doan says this isn?t his fault they?re making me do it, ring the bell he calls. Much to the Inchers delight Umaga commenced to squashing this jobber. Well done on Santino part. Crowd was already into Umaga a bit. I heard a few Umaga chants didn?t expect this at the beginning of his face turn.

- Orton lost to Cena after a FU. Crowd was on fire for Cena tonight. Any spot Cena did got a huge roar from the audience. At one point during the match Cena was on the apron and Orton bounced Cena off then did his pose got a great heel reaction. One point I think Cena knocked the air out of his body cause he either did a hell of a job selling his comeback or he was legitimately out of air. One of the best spots was when Randy landed his RKO and Cena kicked out, crowd went nuts. After the match Cena got on the mic and told the crowd he had much respect for West Virginia, and he loved coming here. Told the crowd they blew the roof off the place tonight. Cena then said he?s going to sing a song that the kids might know but don?t know who sang it and the grown ups should sing along. Cena started singing John Denver?s Country Roads. Which warmed the Inchers soul, I must say I?m glad somebody from Massachusetts knew this tune and didn?t change the topic to some Bee Gee?s song. Cena then told the little ones in the arena that the homework assignment was to learn who wrote this song about this great state.

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