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Is it time to end the Game?

Posted in Xtremeview by Jack at 08:03, Sep 20 2007

Over the past 6 years in the WWE one wrestler has truly dominated the scene on the flagship program Raw. That wrestler is one Paul Levesque better known as ?The Game? Triple H. Now I have made it very clear on the In Your head Message Board I am no fan of this man?s character anymore and have heavily criticized him. Whether you love him or hate him the time has really come to ask is it time for the WWE to end Triple H?s run at the top?

Should the WWE end Triple H?s run at time for there own good? In my opinion the WWE?s biggest problem right now besides booking is a complete lack of star power. The major reason for this is the never ending power game HHH play backstage. Countless stars whether over or not have come in and feuded with HHH and came out worst then they were before the feud. At the end the days you have to begin to wonder to what extents will WWE go to put HHH before they damage themselves to the point of no return?

The fact of the matter is since HHH returned in 2002 he has gotten a push that could be compared to Stone Cold Steve Austin, Randy Savage, The Rock, Sting, Ric Flair, Mick Foley, and Hulk Hogan at their very peeks of their popularity. However that push has lead to one serious question, compared to the others who have gotten that push where the money is? The numbers over the past 5 to 6 years have been miserable under Triple H. People can defend him as much as they want but he was the top star during two quarters where WWE lost money which since 2000 has only happened twice. He was the star of the show between 2002 and 2005 and a majority of the ratings, buyrates, and attendance under him was far from stellar. Infact a majority of the Pay Per Views he was the main event of in 2002-2003 had lower buyrates then the previous year. Better yet from 2001 where HHH was injured for a majority of that year had a higher ratings average of 4.61 then 2002?s 4.01, 2003?s 3.78, and 2004?s 3.67. Every year he was the star of that show and when HHH finally took a break in 2005 the ratings average was a 3.80 average so again why should he get that push?

Well we all know the reason why he gets the push and that?s because who he?s married to one Stephanie McMahon who just so happens to be the head of the booking committee and daughter of owner Vince McMahon. The worst part about this is HHH most likely has forever tarnished his own legacy with this marriage. He?ll always be Mr. Stephanie McMahon who many see as a guy who got his spot because of his marriage. HHH also has lost the chance to blame his failures on the writing committee because he?s married to the head of it and also sits in on production meetings. At the end of the day these two have failed on more then a few levels and its time for Vince McMahon to step back and realize Stephanie while at work isn?t his daughter she?s his employee and he has to handle this. No matter how much Triple H, Stephanie, Shawn Michaels, Vince McMahon, HHH marks, and others have tried to claim other wise its painfully obvious Triple H is booked to be the star of the show and its because who he?s married to.

This booking plan has obviously been proven to be extremely flawed as under this Triple H era of the WWE the amount of stars produced have been pitiful and the amount of profitable storylines have been abysmal. In fact you can point to HHH as the very reason a lot of profitable stars and angles end up flaming out in the end. Profitable returns like Scott Steiner, Kevin Nash, and Goldberg completely bombed because of Triple H?s dominance and over push in the feuds. Case in point in 2003 Goldberg at Summerslam 2003 ran through everyone from Michaels, Orton, and Jericho and then HHH who had a serious groin injury beats him killing all momentum. Why did he beat him who knows if you believe the internet he just didn?t want to job to Goldberg. Then Goldberg finally beats HHH at WWE Unforgiven only to continue to feud with the man until he lost the title at Armageddon. Then 3 months later Goldberg was gone and HHH was main eventing Wrestlemania 20.

Goldberg isn?t the only victim of this Nash whether you love him or hate him return from a huge injury and HHH again beat him and Nash was gone within months of the feud. Scott Steiner who was the last WCW Champion before WCW?s final show and he was brought in and immediately was placed in a feud with HHH. Again the question was raised as to why since HHH was injured at the time and couldn?t wrestle. To make matters worst HHH and Scott Steiner would do these incredibly stupid angles which usually boasted about how great both their roided up bodies were. Then Steiner would finally work a match in WWE with HHH and it was a biblical disaster and the crowd shit all over it. Then after another abysmal rematch Steiner would feud with a couple of midcarders and would quickly be gone from the company. That is 3 men who were over and after their feuds with HHH were not only less over but all left the company.

If though 3 disaster feuds weren?t bad enough it gets even worst when you look at the top stars in WWE alone. Booker T, Rob Van Dam, Kane, John Cena, Edge, Randy Orton, Chris Benoit, and tons of other main event stars enter feuds with HHH and were completely ruined because of his over bearing push. If burying established stars wasn?t bad enough Triple H has just shown a complete lack of respect for younger talent. HHH multiple times has destroyed younger wrestlers such as when he and Shawn Michaels single handed beat the 5 man tag team of the Spirit Squad. Better yet weeks later Shawn Michaels and Triple H would go on to win and dominate multiple 8 to 6 man handicap matches of younger wrestlers. Not only does he bury them in the ring but HHH has been quoted multiple times in interviews where he attacks younger wrestlers and even has the gall to say they can?t get over.

However the worst of this crap came this Monday on Raw when HHH for no reason at all buried 5 younger up and coming wrestlers. He first beat the WWE Tag Team Champions Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch cleanly. Then after he was triple teamed by the Champions and Carlito he was saved by London and Kendrick who took out the champions. Then HHH whipped Carlito?s ass on his own and then how did he repay Kendrick and London for helping him? Of course he laid them out in the middle of the ring by himself. So not only did he bury 5 wrestlers he also buried a match for next week that could actually elevate the other 5. See instead of burying the 5 logic would see a 6 man tag for the next week where London and Kendrick could get a rub from teaming with Triple H. However that would actually require Triple H to care about someone other then himself.

Forget the fact that HHH buried your Tag Team Champions which is not the first time he?s done it but he buried 5 young wrestlers in a company that is absolutely struggling right now to make stars. The question of what did any of this angle accomplish seems to becoming more and more common as time goes on. At the end of the day HHH isn?t drawing tons of money, he?s not making stars, and he?s stale. Besides a feud with Batista, and a run with DX which was just 1997 all over again what has HHH really done recently? Even his return has failed to hit the mark the ratings aren?t showing people cared, I highly doubt Summerslam which was built around his return is going to even be close to last years buyrate, and everything he?s done just seems to be repetitive.

Triple H has hit the point where he?s no longer productive in this main event because we?ve seen it. He?s at the point to where he?s incredibly stale he?s either the 1999 HHH or the 1998 HHH and at this point it?s just dumb. DX was just week in and week out him and Shawn Michaels doing skits and jokes that the old DX did and his heel character is just him in 1999 when he started the ?Game? gimmick. So I finally have to say yes its time to end the game. Triple H is not and never going to be the star he and his wife want him to be. He?s not Hogan, or an Austin he?s a role player Main Eventer and there is nothing wrong with that.

However what is wrong is a guy who is burying people to stay in the spotlight. It is wrong for Stephanie McMahon and Vince McMahon to put their company?s well being to the side so they can keep HHH in a spot that he no longer warrants Triple H is no longer a top star in this business he?s a name like Luger, Hogan, and Savage were in the death of WCW. People know him but at the end of the day are they going to pay to see him and I say no.

HHH?s time has come and its time for him to hang up the boots and put his ego aside for the business he claims to love. The character of Triple H is just repetitive and stale and to continue to push it over other fresher talent is just irresponsible. His ring skills can obviously be called into question because over the past 2 years it seems HHH only gives a damn if it?s someone he likes out there with him. If that isn?t bad enough his promos which have always been questionable in my opinion are getting worst because their either childish humor or boring generic crap with his catch phases thrown in. Finally the man is just one more leg injury way from being done forever so again why keep pushing him over younger talent?

This summer the damage that Triple H and others such as Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, and Kurt Angle caused over the past couple of years became extremely evident when all of them were gone. It seemed like besides Orton, Cena, and Batista no one in that company seemed to be ready to step up and take their spots. It should be extremely telling that since 2002 WWE has really only created 4 legit new main eventers who are Edge, Orton, Batista, and John Cena. Cena, Edge, and Orton got over despite HHH?s best efforts to make sure they didn?t and while HHH did put Batista over he was suddenly traded to Smackdown without much explanation as to why.

So is it time to end the game? Yes the guy is through and WWE has to realize its time for him to make new stars and begin to move out of the way. Triple H has absolutely dragged down the product since his return and if he continues down this route WWE will continue to suffer. Eventually Vince McMahon will have to realize that Stephanie and Triple H while family are still his employees and are not the best way to go anymore. So in my personal opinion The Game needs to be over.

Thanks for reading feedback will be answered negative or positive

Jason ?Xtremefalls? Simmons

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The Foremost Big D

Joined: Oct 16 2007
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12:24, Nov 29 2007

HHH has had the last laugh on The WWE since, at least, his storyline marriage to Stephanie and I can't fault him too much for it. When they had that Kliq celebration before Hall & Nash left for WCW, HHH was trashed by WWE creative. I believe from that night and that experience changed him to what we see of him today. With few exceptions like Shawn Michaels, I don't think he gives a damn about many people in the company. He is a bright and cunning man. Furthermore, HHH with Stephanie are responsible for the highest ratings back in 2000 and on the strength of that (along with being an in-law,) he's been able to mask any deficiencies he has had the last 5 years.


05:57, Feb 17 2012

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Interview Recap - Kaos vs Vampiro

Posted in Interview Recaps by Jack at 17:54, May 23 2008

by Neal Jones

Vampiro vs. Kaos IYH Interview Recap
by Neal Jones

Vampiro was the scheduled guest, and Kaos was the surprise guest on In Your Head Wrestling Online Radio hosted by Jack, OneInchBiceps and Barbie Richards. Listen live every Wednesday 8:00-10:00 PM EST at http://www.inyourheadonline.com and check out our full FREE archive section with over 3 years of archived interviews.

Vampiro was scheduled to come on IYH at 8 PM EST. He could not be reached, when his opponent at XPW Cold Day In Hell, ?the Triple Threat Superstar? Kaos called in.

XPW Cold Day In Hell
Saturday Night, May 24 2008
Aviation Park
Redondo Beach, CA


Kaos said Vampiro is always like this, he leaves everyone hanging. Kaos goes on to say Vampiro never lives up to promises, and tells a story about how Vampiro left him at the airport. Kaos hopes Vampiro shows up for their match at Cold Day in Hell.

Jack asks if Kaos has come across veterans with big heads. Kaos says he is a guy who brags about beating Hulk Hogan and Sting and doesn?t have time for the young guys.

Kaos talks about missing XPW, and ever since it?s demise in 2003 he has searched for a home. No locker room has compared to it, and everyone is really excited and wanting to prove themselves.

Jack asks if XPW guys were blackballed after XPW?s demise. Kaos says absolutely he and Webb, Pogo, Supreme etc were blackballed after the Heat Wave ECW PPV incident.

Kaos talks about admiring Vampiro and all he has done in wrestling. Going from a young Canadian kid who ate out of dumpsters and making a huge name for himself in Mexico. He thinks maybe Vamp sees Kaos as someone young and hungry to take his spot.

Kaos talks about the return of the Gangstas after about 10 years. New Jack and Mustafa didn?t get along well, and now they are back for one show.

Caller Jason asks what Kaos? favorite match was. Kaos talks about facing off with Dynamite D. Kaos talks about Supreme and their wrestling school. Kaos talks about the infamous match where Supreme was burned badly, they had a falling out but recently got back together. Jack mentions how Kaos still got the pinfall after Supreme was laid out and burned, Kaos said he was a little lost when he saw him charred but Supreme wanted a finish for the match.

Jack brings up Dynamite D ?Mr. 80?s?, who passed away a few years ago, and the tribute Battle Royal that will take place at XPW Cold Day In Hell. Kaos tells some stories of the different impersonations Dynamite D did.

Kaos talks about getting himself into the greatest shape of his life for his match with Vampiro. Jack asks if he thinks Vampiro is taking this match seriously. Kaos thinks Vampiro just sees him as a young chump, and he has has wrestled big names and might not be training hard for the comeback match.

Jack says the IYH Crew will be rooting Kaos on in the match with Vampiro because he now showed IYH tonight.

Caller Jason brings up Chris Hamrick as one of the most underrated wrestlers and his matches with Kaos being great. Kaos says Chris knows how to pop a crowd, work hold for hold, comedy he can do it all. Kaos talks about learning a lot just working with guys like Hamrick and Shane Douglas.

Kaos talks about ?The Dead Sleep Easy? movie with Vampiro, where he also no showed the premier of. Kaos talks about being in the movie with Aguilera and Luke Hawks. Kaos said Vamp was in and out of the set like a big star with a big head. Kaos says Vamp didn?t have respect for the smaller characters on the set.

Kaos puts over the Fan Fest at XPW Cold Day in Hell before the event.

XPW Cold Day In Hell
Saturday Night, May 24 2008
Aviation Park
Redondo Beach, CA


Kaos says Vampiro hasn?t wrestled for 3 years.

Kaos talks about working with Rob Black, and never having a problem with him. He credits Rob for his start in the business and exposure for a lot of guys.

Jack asks if the show does well, could XPW come back. Kaos says they want to focus on this one show being off the charts. If the show does well and the upcoming DVD?s sell well he could see it. Kaos says everyone had their hopes up for WSX, so he knows not to get too excited about anything.

Kaos hoped WSX was going to be everyone?s big break. He doesn?t believe MTV ever got behind the product. He thought it was a great experience and so different than anything else he ever did. Kaos liked the Fight Club look of the show.

Jack asks if the season being taped at once was frustrating because they couldn?t change the show the next week based off feedback. Kaos says that?s true plus it was a hectic schedule.

Caller El Santo asks if Kaos ever wrestled in AAA or CMLL. Kaos says he frequents NGS with Supreme, it is a supreme ECW based promotion. Kaos says as Konnan says Mexico is 10 years behind American wrestling and hardcore is taking off there.

Kaos doesn?t see Vampiro wrestling much longer. Kaos talks about Vampiro being in the Guardian Angels now, and he was in the group 20 years ago in California. Kaos sees Vamp doing it as a way to hide behind a group, just like he hides behind his make-up.

Caller Kronus asks about working with John Kronus. Kaos says he was one of the best guys in the locker room, he didn?t have a big head coming from ECW. Kaos talks about how tremendous Kronus was in the ring for a big guy, and the Eliminators finisher The Total Elimination being one of the best double team maneuvers ever.

Kaos compares Vampiro to Sean ?no show? Waltman.

Kaos talks about the WSX team with ?Jesus? Aguilera. He spent some time with him working on double team moves before WSX. Kaos personally wanted to be a singles but he felt the team worked well. Kaos says there was a lot of talk for the 2nd season of WSX, they had actually written 4 seasons and eventually the team was going to split and feud. Jack says Aguilera is an underrated promo guys, Kaos said that?s why Vince hired him because he was a good talker and the injuries were bad timings for him. Jack puts over Jesus?s suspenders. Kaos mentions Jesus pushed for him to wear suspenders in the tag team.

Kaos talks about the Miss Xtreme contest at the XPW Cold Day in Hell.

Caller Flea asks if XPW ever stopped any ideas the guys had. Kaos said no but maybe they should have liked the 30? scaffold or explosions. Kaos talks about XPW TV, and how crazy it was with all the vignettes. New fans are now discovering XPW on the DVD?s from www.bigvisionentertainment.com

Kaos talks about how XPW really innovated the DVDS and t-shirts on the Indy Wrestling scene. Now everyone has them, but XPW was the first one to do it. They even had DVD?s before WWE. Kaos credits Rob Black for the XPW DVD?s.

Kaos credits GQ Money for really helping him develop his promos. Jack asks about his falling out with GQ, Kaos says they can still work together but they are no longer friends and at one time they were really close. Kaos says he was against the Enterprise group at first, he thought he?d be lost in the shuffle. It was the total opposite and really catapulted his character.

Kaos talks about a lot of the footage being guerilla footage filmed at 3 on the morning in people?s garages and even a church. At times they would stop traffic and just film their stuff. Kaos talks about basing a lot of the scenes off of movies like Pulp Fiction, Clockwork Orange, Reservoir Dogs etc.

Jack asks who?s idea was it for Kaos to wrestle with the TV title on. Kaos says it was Rob Black?s idea. He couldn?t do his 450 splash, but he did bang up some of the guys like Hamrick and Danny Doring while wearing it.

Kaos talks about getting to see all these guys again either one more time, and hopes this is done right not like the Vince McMahon?s ECW. He believes there is still an audience for hardcore wrestling.

Jack asks if there is a spot for another TV product. Kaos thinks there is, he says a lot of good indys are out there, but there can be one at the next level. Kaos puts over the David Marquez NWA shows.

Kaos says Steve Austin motto DTA Don?t Trust Anyone is something you need to live by in the wrestling business. A lot of Indy guys need to stand up for themselves and not let promoters make false promises, and want you to kill yourself for them.

Kaos talks about how WWE looks for a certain look and style. It?s hard for a guy who can?t do a 3 minute match to get over or get called up.

Kaos tells all the fans to come to XPW Cold Day in Hell. It could be your last chance to see hardcore wrestling, plus dream matches like Supreme vs. Necro Butcher, Kaos vs. Vampiro, the return of the Gangstas and Terry Funk special ref for Sabu and Homeless Jimmy vs. Raven & Johnny Webb.

XPW Cold Day In Hell
Saturday Night, May 24 2008
Aviation Park
Redondo Beach, CA


Kaos says he thinks Vampiro has a big chip on his shoulder and doesn?t respect him or the show www.inyourheadonline.com Kaos says he pisses on everything Vampiro stands for. Kaos says he wants to use Vampiro as a stepping stone in his career.

Vampiro calls in 80 minutes late and confronts Kaos live on the show. Kaos tells him he is very disrespectful to himself, XPW and IYH.

Vampiro says he personally told people that Kaos had it, he put him in the movie and now he hears Kaos talking this stuff about him.

Kaos and Vampiro get into a verbal war over respect.

Vampiro says he specifically came back to wrestling to help XPW, and Kaos is ungrateful and doesn?t have the ability to draw people or get out of LA. Vampiro says Kaos blames his failures on other people. Vampiro says Kaos should go back to washing dishes and getting coffee for Kevin Kleinrock.

Kaos says Vampiro needs to put the nail in the coffin of his career. Vampiro says he has dealt with so many idiots like Kaos over his career. Vampiro doesn?t need to call people for work, people call him. Kaos says Vampiro is all about excuses and demanding things like a superstar. Vampiro says they go back a long way, he?s never cared about fame only the fans. Vampiro says Kaos will never hang with him.

Kaos and Vampiro talk about wanting to meet in a parking lot to fight, but they want to give the fans something special to see at XPW Cold Day in Hell.

XPW Cold Day In Hell
Saturday Night, May 24 2008
Aviation Park
Redondo Beach, CA


Vampiro talks about coming to the show to help out the young guys, and then he gets disrespected.

Jack asks if he sees himself in Kaos. Vampiro says no, he always showed respect to the veterans, he was brought up in the old school. Vampiro talks about Kaos sending bogus emails and messing up his plane tickets. Vampiro tried to help out Kaos in XPW, WSX and in Mexico. Vampiro says it is really hard to get people in wrestling to be your friend. He took Kaos under his wing, now he talks bad about him and blames Vampiro for not making it.

Vampiro talks about being in the federal police force in Mexico, and the Guardian Angels.

Vampiro talks about charisma being the biggest thing in not just wrestling but any form of entertainment. If you can?t connect with the fans you will never make it. Vampiro says Kaos just doesn?t connect with the fans and doesn?t have it.

Vampiro talks about fans asking him why he doesn?t wrestle anymore. He wants to come back as a Guardian Angel, to help use his popularity as a wrestler to help the Guardian Angels group.

Vampiro talks about all his injuries over 25 years. When he took off, he started feeling his injuries aching.

Caller Duane asks about Vince Russo. Vampiro says he never got along with Russo. He was so frustrated in WCW. He was at the height of his career and because of jealousy and ego he never got a shot. Vampiro felt like he was his most motivated, but Russo kept wanting to do stupid things with him.

Vampiro says Sting was an egomaniac and very jealous of him. He learned a lot working with him though and it was an honor.

Vampiro also talks a lot about working in Mexico, and Konnan. His time in WSX, and MTV not giving it a chance. The Guardian Angels in Mexico. His brief stay in TNA, where Shane Douglas puked all over the ring. His feud with Raven he wished was bigger, him almost going to ECW. Working with Rob Black and his memories of XPW.

Vampiro talks about the Warrior?s return in Spain for NWE. He will not be on the show, and thinks Warrior will be brutal and does not want to work with him.

Caller Jason asks about The Great Muta. Vampiro says it was one of his idols and huge for him to get a chance to meet and work with him. Vampiro puts over Muta?s moonsault and how people today do 100?s of big moves that don?t mean anything because they are never a finish.

Vampiro tells everyone to come and see him and all of the guys at XPW Cold Day in Hell, and he will be part of the Fan Fest as well.

XPW Cold Day In Hell
Saturday Night, May 24 2008
Aviation Park
Redondo Beach, CA


To hear this nearly 3 hour show which includes a Kaos interview, Vampiro interview and a heated argument between the 2 in it?s entirety please visit http://www.inyourheadonline.com and live every Wednesday at 8 PM EST including this week with WWE Tough Enough Finalist Brian Danovich !!!

Join the interactive message board to leave questions for the guests at http://inyourheadboard.proboards27.com/index.cgi and don?t forget to subscribe to the pod cast at http://iyh.blogspot.com/
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The explanatory paragraphs in the release concerning forward looking disclosures and related risks and uncertainties also apply to forward looking disclosures made during this call, including those regarding our guidance on future financial results and other projections or measures of WebMD's future performance.
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