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The Notorious Jewel De?Nyle & Shelly Martinez Review

Posted in In My Head by Jack at 00:45, May 12 2008

By: Spec_Sun

Shelly Martinez Porn Film Review
By: Spec_Sun of www.inyourheadonline.com

Film: The Notorious Jewel De?Nyle & Shelly Martinez
Production Company: Sinsation Pictures
Production Year: 2007
Release Year: 2007

Recently, I saw the film for a second time, and now I?ve decided to give my thoughts about every scene. Before I begin, I will point out that this is an all-girl release. No males, just the chicks. With that in mind, let?s proceed.

Several months have passed since the release of Shelly Martinez?s (formally known as Ariel in the WWE) highly anticipated porn film entitled The Notorious Jewel De?Nyle & Shelly Martinez. Released by Sinsation Pictures toward the end of 2007, the gonzo flick marked the debut of Martinez in the porn industry. Although aligning herself with veteran porn icon Jewel De?Nyle sparked some mixed reactions among porn and wrestling fans alike, the outcome was nothing short of successful for all parties involved. The film has been a bestseller on several adult retail and adult video on demand sites since its release and its popularity has given upstart Sinsation Pictures notoriety that several critics might have not imagine several months ago.

This is just as much of a comeback film for Jewel as it is a celebrity crossover for Shelly. Ever since Jewel began building and directing for her own company, Platinum Pictures, during the middle of this decade, she?s taken a step back from performing regularly. Believe me, she?s no flash in the pan performer. She won the prestigious Adult Video News (AVN) Female Performer of the Year Award in 2001 and has performed in several award winning scenes. This was my first view of Jewel in front of the camera in years, and she still looked hot as hell.

The film opens with Jewel and Shelly engaging in a tease sequence. Both women are really into the panty hose fetish action that?s taken place. Outside of major leg fetish porn flicks, this is some of the best footage of its kind. As the leg seduction ceases, they keep up the sexual energy by eagerly incorporating a feather duster into the role play. Shelly massages Jewel?s smooth skin with the duster repeatedly. Subsequently, Jewel returns the favor. After several sequences of gentle teasing, it seems that Jewel is ready to give Shelly a rougher test to prove her sexual skills. That?s right, she bends Shelly over her knee, spanks her with a paddle, and for at least a moment, makes Shelly her personal bitch. Shelly?s ass is awesome and more round than I originally thought. The spanking is done very well and shot to show the aggressiveness of Jewel in combination with Shelly?s vivacious features. As Shelly turns around, her tits are now the primary targets for abuse. This is another sequence that?s highly fetishized. If you?re really into this type of role play, then the sequence will most likely have you numb in a few seconds.

Speaking of fetish themes, the next scene showcases both women with cigars in their mouths and smoke blowing from their wet lips. No, not those lips you perverts. The ones located on their faces. I?m not really into the smoking fetish deal and I can?t stand smoke of any kind; however, over the last few years, it?s become a very popular commodity in porn. I guess one man?s dislike is another one?s craving. Bottomline, if you like the smoking fetish, you?ll really enjoy this. Nevertheless, the footage is shot well, and at the end of the day, that does count for something.

Next, Jewel goes a bit heavier on the bondage play. She tapes Shelly?s hot ass body up and gives her more abuse. While taped up like this, Shelly?s tits look like they grew a higher size. Very nice! After dishing out some derogatory expletives to her brunette friend, Jewel puts Shelly face down on the couch and lifts her back up for only a short time so that she could gain a few breaths before repeating the sequence again and again and again and again. Suddenly, Jewel resumes the trash talk directed toward Shelly.
Johnny Ace should get off his lazy ass and sign Jewel. I?m sure she could help the ECW brand. Well, maybe not, but Johnny Ace still needs to get off his lazy ass anyway. Sort of lost track there, but now I?m back on point.

The girls switch up and now Shelly is able to gain some retribution. Jewel sticks her curvaceous ass up in the air and Shelly proceeds to whip it immensely. Jewel is really enjoying this and so am I. If only Shelly was able to do this to Mickie James! Next, they bring some clothespins into the fray. Shelly attaches them to Jewel?s arms, tits, and snatch. Revenge is sure sweet, and in this case, a little sexy too.

The final scene involves Jewel talking shit and stripping toward the camera. She really knows how to work the viewers. While fully naked, she spreads her legs and fingers herself until the juices begin to erupt. I must point out that this is a very good solo scene from someone who really knows how to tease the camera. Even a sword comes into play. Although this is really the only true ?sex? in the film, it?s well worth the wait after viewing all of the role play sequences from Jewel and Shelly that led up to it.

This was much better than I expected it to be. Shelly didn?t go as far as I thought she would in terms of having actual sex with Jewel, but I don?t hold any resentment toward her for choosing her own route. The role play was performed and shot very well, which are not easy elements to pull off in porn. Sole fetish films with little to no sex don?t sell well compared to ?all sex? films in porn, but this one did and deservingly so. Whether you?re a porn or wresting fan or perhaps both, I?d recommend that you check this out via renting and not buying at first. It?ll cost less money by renting. After all, you probably just want to see what it?s all about before dishing out more money.

Overall Grade: ***1/2 out of 5

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