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Posted in Wrestling Forums by Minyan at 00:42, Sep 13 2016

6 Practices for Soothing Panic When Life Throws You a Curve Ball

Life happens. Period. Some people accept that and deal with life head on. But if you happen to be a practitioner of the Law of Attraction http://www.thechargersfootballonline.com/AUTHENTIC-ANTONIO-GATES-CHARGERS-JERSEY/ , you might fall victim to any number of myths and distortions that fly around freely about negative occurrences in ones life.

Instead of fulfilling the promise of the Law of Attraction, which tells us that we create our own reality, some seekers mistakenly attempt to apply half truths to their difficult situations, only to make matters worse.
For example, when something bad happens, misguided seekers might ask themselves, What did I do to create this? Or when they feel fear or stress about an undesired situation theyll scold themselves, I need to stay positive. I cant think that way because Ill attract that. This line of thinking only serves to a) misdirect ones precious creative energy by asking questions that lead nowhere, OR b) to perpetuate resistance of what is; which only adds more energy to the unwanted situation.

Life happens. We get scared. We panic and we stress out. Harnessing the power of the Law of Attraction is NOT about pushing away bad feelings. It isnt about slapping on a coat of positive thinking over a persistent case of dread. It isnt about gritting your teeth and muscling through a bad situation in an attempt to force a good situation to appear. To truly harness the power of the Law of Attraction is to relax into a much kinder and gentler approach to yourself and life we accept what is. We dont fight it. We say yes to it and then we gently redirect our attention to what we want, to what is good in life http://www.thechargersfootballonline.com/ , and to that for which we are grateful.

In order to debunk common Law of Attraction distortions, it is important to understand what really works when life happens. The following practices can help you effectively navigate the storms of life so as to reach higher, drier ground.

1. Unplug from All Channels of Fear and Negativity

Stop watching the news or reading the paper. In this day and age you do not need to go out and find current events, theyll find you. Critics say this is irresponsible and only fosters denial of reality. Well, if you believe in the Law of Attraction, it means that you also believe that there is a larger reality than what happens in our physical world. The only way to tap into this higher truth is to put your attention on it, and that requires taking your attention off of all that distracts you from it.

2. Contemplate the Nature of Source Energy

In other words, seek out, study and put your attention on higher truth. Q: What is higher truth? A: There is only ONE. One life. One consciousness. One energy. All that is, is a part of this whole. You http://www.thechargersfootballonline.com/AUTHENTIC-TRAVIS-BENJAMIN-CHARGERS-JERSEY/ , and everyone and everything around you are a part of this whole individual yet inseparable like the individual drops of water in the ocean. This ONE is infinite health, prosperity, well being, freedom, etc. So if the ONE is this, it means YOU are this. Your job is to drop the veil of illusion to remember this higher truth so that you can experience it in your life.

3. Stay in the NOW

Our minds have a life of their own. Without prompting or hesitation, our minds fly off into future imaginings of fearful outcomes, or they leap into past replays of negative experiences. However, by staying in the NOW, we claim our power over the terrorist activities of our minds. We pause. We breathe. And we remember what is actually true RIGHT NOW. Right now http://www.thechargersfootballonline.com/AUTHENTIC-STEVIE-JOHNSON-CHARGERS-JERSEY/ , I am fine. Right now I have money and food. Right now, I have friends and family that love and support me. By focusing on the truth of your current well being you attract more well being.

4. Give Thanks for Everything

Gratitude is the most powerful vibration there is because when we are grateful, we are telling the Universe I HAVE this thing for which I am grateful. Because like attracts like, as you acknowledge all that you have, you attract more of the experience of having.

5. Keep Giving

When you give in gratitude for all that you have, no matter how small, you are contributing to the flow of abundance. When you give to the Universe, the Universe gives to you. Abundance is not a state of having. It is an experience of constant flow. You must put yourself in the flow of giving and receiving to perpetuate the flow in your life.

6. Pull Out Your Feel Good List

And if you havent already, it is always a powerful exercise to make a list of everything that brings you joy. Make it an exhaustive list and put it on your refrigerator. Anytime youre feeling down refer to that list and allow yourself to connect with the joy that any particular item gives you. This is especially important when lifes occurrences are pulling you down. Because when were down we attract more down ness. Like attracts like, right? It takes intention and discipline to raise your vibration and your Feel Good List is one of the easiest ways to do this when you simply cant remember how to feel good.

Keep your Law of Attraction Took Kit handy. Whenever life happens http://www.thechargersfootballonline.com/AUTHENTIC-SEAN-LISSEMORE-CHARGERS-JERSEY/ , practice which ever of the six disciplines feel right at any given time. If you do this consistently, you will not only begin to trust that you have the power to weather any storm, but you will discover that you have the capacity to catch the winds and harness their power in your favor

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