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TNA Impact 2/11/2010 Recap

Posted in Wrestling Reviews by Jack at 00:40, Feb 12 2010

By: Bob Colling of http://chroniclesoftna.proboards.com/

Total Non-Stop Action presents Impact
Date: February 11th, 2010
From: Orlando, Florida
Announcers: Mike Tenay and Tazz

A video highlighting the Eric Bischoff/Mick Foley interaction last week. The main event from last week is briefly shown where Kevin Nash pinned Mick Foley. Scott Hall and Sean Waltman turning on Kevin Nash is shown.

?Hulk Hogan?s moment of truth?

TNA opening video

Mike Tenay and Tazz welcome everyone to TNA Impact. We will find out the final four men to qualify for the 8 card stud tournament.

Hulk Hogan?s music hits and Hogan makes his way to the ring with full pyro as usual. Hogan plays to the crowd for a few moments before grabbing a microphone. Hogan welcomes the fans to the Impact Zone. Hogan says he made the right decision coming to TNA and says that everyone is talking about TNA. Hogan again mentions the boys ?up north? and that they are talking about TNA. Hogan feels like he is ?cool again? and again puts over the fans for making TNA the place to be. Hogan mentions two guys who aren?t in the company but rather ?way out? and that would be Scott Hall and Syxx Pac. Hogan says that TNA is in full lockdown tonight ?nobody is getting in and nobody is getting out?. Hogan apparently doesn?t like Hall and Pac taking out ?another brother? Kevin Nash last week. Hogan lets us know that Hall and Pac will have to deal with Hogan if they manage to get into the arena. Hogan says that he may just have to put his gear back on and get it done himself. Eric Young?s music hits and Eric Young makes his way down to the ring. ?Overrated? chant for Eric Young. Young tells Hogan and that he and Kevin are boys and tight. Young says that good friends are hard to find in this business. Young wants Hall and Pac back into the building so they ?can get what is coming to them?. Young isn?t afraid to get his hands dirty. Hogan mentions Team Canada and that Young is the leader of World Elite and ?current Global Champion?. Hogan AGAIN says that TNA is in the right direction to be on top. Hogan gave Hall and Pac their last warning. Young says that Hogan is one of the reasons that he is in the business. Young says that if Hall and Pac aren?t allowed in, he will have to go to them. Hogan lets Young know he isn?t going to be doing it on his watch. Hogan tells Young to take it outside and beat them up real good. Hogan and Young shake hands as Hogan leaves the ring.

Backstage, Mick Foley asks someone if Eric Bischoff is in the building and goes to his office when he is told he has been their for awhile.


Outside the building, Scott Hall and Syxx-Pac are trying sneak into the building.

Before the next match, we see Orlando Jordan pinning D?Angelo Dinero last month. Another video airs of Dinero pinning AJ Styles last week.

Opening Contest: D?Angelo Dinero defeated Orlando Jordan to qualify in the 8 card stud tournament: Jordan with a knee to the midsection and few blows to the head of Dinero. Dinero with a hip toss and a arm drag take down. Dinero with several elbow smashes to the head of Jordan. Dinero with several right hands in the ropes but Jordan pokes Dinero?s eyes and chop blocks the knee of Dinero. Dinero gets out of the Black Ice, but is met with a dropkick from Jordan. Jordan with a swinging neck breaker to maintain control as the fans are behind Dinero. Jordan with a swinging backbreaker but doesn?t quickly follow up. Jordan with several jabs but misses a right hand. Dinero with several blows knocking Jordan down. Dinero with a atomic drop and a forearm smash as well. Dinero with several chops. Dinero slides off Jordan to the floor as Jordan was hung on the middle rope and gets a near fall. Jordan with a spine buster but Dinero kicks out. Jordan taunts Dinero and delivers several punches to the midsection. Dinero with a few of his own and hit?s the DDE to the back of Jordan and picks up the win to advance in the tournament. **¼

Backstage, Jeff Jarrett walks into Eric Bischoff?s office. Jarrett asks Bischoff if he caught his match against Mr. Anderson and Bischoff said he did. Jarrett hopes he delivered for Eric Bischoff. Bischoff really enjoyed the match and says he was impressed. Bischoff admits that he may have made a mistake and may have to reconsider the situation with himself and Jarrett. Jarrett likes to hear that and believes that they are making progress. Jarrett wants a chance to get into the 8 card stud tournament saying there is two spots left (there is three at this point). Bischoff isn?t sure if Jarrett is ready for that. Bischoff doesn?t believe Jarrett is starting at the bottom of the pile and tells Jarrett he needs to work hard and be the great employee he can be. Bischoff proceeds to deny Jarrett?s offer. Jarrett leaves disappointed as Bischoff gets a chuckle out it.


Second Contest: Matt Morgan defeated Suicide to qualify for the 8 card stud tournament: Suicide with several body kicks and a dropkick but Morgan catches Suicide?s cross body attempt and connects with a fall away slam. Morgan with several back elbow shots in the corner. Morgan with a running splash in the corner and simply drops Suicide to the mat. Morgan leaps onto Suicide as he was on the top rope. Morgan misses a splash in the corner. Suicide drops Morgan across the top rope and nails Morgan with a springboard dropkick. Suicide gets out of a choke slam attempt and delivers a dropkick. Suicide comes off the ropes and runs into the Carbon Footprint and Morgan picks up the win. *¼

Backstage, Mick Foley knocks on Bischoff?s door and slowly walks in. Foley mentions that Bischoff mentioned he had Abyss?s and Jeremy Borash career on the line. Foley tells Bischoff he is willing to jump on board as long as Bischoff tells him that Abyss and Borash are not going to lose their job. Bischoff is shocked and tells Foley that they are fine. Bischoff tells Foley that Abyss has a chance to compete in the 8 card stud tournament. Bischoff has the perfect opponent for Abyss and says that his opponent will face Mick Foley! Bischoff tells Foley that his ?look isn?t working for me? and believes the Cactus Jack look is 1970?s. Bischoff lets Foley know that they will be taking Abyss?s mask off at the next Impact if any shenanigans happen out there. Foley leaves as Bischoff says ?I amaze myself sometimes?.

- We see Eric Young pacing backstage during the commercial break.

The 8 card stud tournament is now filled with Bischoff putting Abyss and Foley in the tournament. The first round matches are the following:
D?Angelo Dinero versus Desmond Wolfe
Hernandez versus Matt Morgan
Kurt Angle versus Mr. Anderson
Mick Foley versus Abyss

Backstage, Christy Hemme with Mr. Anderson and Kurt Angle. Hemme asks how Anderson and Angle will coexist tonight. Anderson says he has carried many people before so this is nothing new to him. Anderson assures everyone that he will be next TNA World Heavyweight Champion. Angle chimes in and says he doesn?t know Anderson?s intentions and will be watching him. Angle threatens Anderson saying he will snap his ankle faster than ?that ridiculous microphone can fall down?. Angle shows Anderson a snap signal and leaves. A microphone actually drops down from the ceiling and Anderson repeats his name, twice.


Backstage, Kurt Angle walks into Eric Young?s office. Angle lets Young know he respects Young?s attempts but doesn?t think it is smart for Young to do it. Angle demands Young to stay in the locker room and allow Angle to do it on his own. Young punches a locker as Angle leaves the locker room.

A video showing how Doug Williams won the X-Title how Terry was upset by it.

Third Contest: Doug Williams defeated Amazing Red to retain the TNA X-Division Championship: Williams actually did the old Regal wrist twist and head shake before entering the ring. Red with a kick and several right hands in the corner. Red dropkicks the knee of Williams and follows up with a dropkick to the head. Red kicks Williams to the floor and attempts a sunset flip pin but Williams gets a near fall as he sits down. Red with a near fall again with a roll up. Williams blocks a wheelbarrow attempt and slams Red down. Williams with a spinning uppercut for a two count. Williams with a head scissors submission and rolls over ramming Red?s head into the canvas and goes for a cover getting a two count. Williams with a uppercut and a knee drop coming off the ropes for a near fall, again. Williams with a running high knee to the chest of Red in the corner and goes up top. Red with a spinning kick knocking Williams to the floor. Red with a corkscrew dive over the top onto Williams on the floor! Red with a missile dropkick back in the ring and gets a two count. Red with a dropkick to the back of Williams in the corner and delivers a spinning heel kick getting a two count on the pin attempt. Red gets out of a power bomb attempt and rolls Williams up for a near win. Red with a kick to the head of Williams and goes up top. Red misses a Swanton Bomb and charges the corner hitting the ring post shoulder first. Williams plants Red with the Rolling Chaos Theory to pick up the win. **½
After the match, Williams showcases his belt in the middle of the ring.


A video going over the Tara/Angelina Love feud from last year and their unlikely partnership to take on the Beautiful People.

Backstage, Christy Hemme is with Tara and Angelina Love. Hemme asks them how they feel about working together. Love says she didn?t like Tara but ?the past is the past?. Love says they had a great match last week and that tonight she will have Tara?s back. Tara says the plan tonight is that ?things are going to get ugly? which Love follows up by saying ?real ugly?.

Fourth Contest: the Beautiful People defeated TNA Knockouts Champion Tara/Angelina Love in a handicap match: Tara and Sky start the match where Sky taunts Tara. Tara signals to tag in Love and eventually does. Love chases after Sky around the ring and punches Von Erich and kicks Rayne on the apron. Sky mounts Love in the ring with several right hands. Sky kicks Love on the back and chokes Love. Love goes for a kick but Sky bails to the floor. Love grabs Rayne (who wasn?t tagged in). Tara with a sunset flip pin attempt but Rayne kicks out. Tara with a few arm drags and takes Rayne down with a snap suplex and has a front headlock. Tara lifts Rayne off the middle rope and dumps Rayne to the canvas. The Beautiful People are regrouping on the floor until Tara and Love deliver a double team baseball slide taking all three women out as TNA goes to commercial. Tara and Rayne are battling in the ring and Von Erich tries to trip Tara up which allows Rayne to get control of the match. All three BP members stomp on Tara in their corner. Sky steps on Tara?s hair and pulls her up to add to the damage. Von Erich tags in and connects with a moonsault elbow drop. Von Erich tags in Rayne who chops Tara several times. Double clothesline and both women are down. Love and Rayne get tags and Love cleans house punching all three BP members. Love with a spear on Rayne but Lacey breaks up the pin. Rayne has a sleeper hold on Tara. Love with a super kick on Sky but the referee is distracted. Lacey hits Love with the ugly stick and Sky covers Love to pick up the win. **
After the match, Lacey hits Tara with the ugly stick and the BP stand tall.

Backstage, Christy Hemme is with Desmond Wolfe. Wolfe quotes ?a stupid American? in which he does the chocolate line from Forrest Gump. Wolfe puts over the main event as the four top guys going at it. Wolfe says he is going to be the one man to prevail. Wolfe lets it be known that he will take out Angle once and for all. Wolfe tells Hemme that he has proved how dangerous he is. Wolfe says they will be lucky to make it to the tournament. Wolfe hopes they understand what he is saying because if they don?t ?I?ll end ya?.


Outside the building, Scott Hall and Sean Waltman are still trying to sneak into the arena.

Main Event: Kurt Angle/Mr. Anderson defeated Hernandez/Desmond Wolfe: Anderson and Hernandez start the match off. Anderson with several kick to the legs of Hernandez but runs into the big Hernandez. Hernandez with a big splash in the corner and tosses Anderson with his shirt around his neck across the ring. Anderson gets out of a power bomb attempt and tags in Angle. Hernandez with a hammerlock and Wolfe kicks the arm of Angle as the referee breaks up the hold as Angle reached the rope. Wolfe works on the left arm of Angle with a wrist lock. Angle with a release German suplex after avoiding a clothesline. Hernandez with a slingshot shoulder block knocking Angle down. Hernandez goes with a modified Shock Treatment type of move for a near fall. Wolfe tags in but Angle nails Wolfe with right hands. Wolfe with a knee to the midsection of Angle to stop Angle?s momentum. Wolfe continues to work on the left arm of Angle with a wrist lock but Angle battles out and locks in the ankle lock. Wolfe is tapping out, but Angle?s own partner is purposely distracting the referee. Hernandez enters and shoulder blocks Angle in the corner. Angle with a clothesline but runs into a big boot from Hernandez. Angle runs up the ropes and suplexs Hernandez off the top down to the mat and both men are down. Angle goes for the tag but Anderson short arms him. Angle with several clotheslines on Wolfe but runs into a big boot from Wolfe. Angle with a overhead belly to belly suplex and knocks his partner off the apron. Wolfe with a hammerlock DDT on Angle but only gets a two count. Wolfe sets Angle on the top and goes for the Tower of London but Angle counters with the Angle Slam and Anderson tags himself in. Anderson sends Angle to the floor and covers Wolfe for the win! **¾
After the match, Anderson bails up the ramp while Angle is in the ring pissed off.

Backstage, Samoa Joe is walking to the ring.


Samoa Joe makes his way down to the ring as Tenay and Tazz hype up his match against AJ Styles this Sunday. Joe quickly calls out AJ Styles to have a chat. Styles makes his way out with his manager Ric Flair. Styles doesn?t enter the ring but remains on the entrance ramp. Joe tells Styles that he disgusts him. Joe believes that himself and AJ Styles were the best in TNA. Joe puts over their past efforts and putting on a show for the fans. Joe says that the epic battles always involved himself and AJ Styles. Joe says that Styles used to be a champion and used to be a warrior. Joe says that Styles earned what he got but he traded all that in. Joe says that Styles took a shortcut in his match with Kurt Angle. Flair has the microphone and says that AJ Styles is the World Champion. Flair tells Joe that he is going to learn the word ?respect?. Joe tells Flair he can come into the ring to teach him that but Flair will be limping his way back to the locker room. Joe says that Styles was the last pure thing in TNA and he cheated the fans out of a real World Champion. Styles believes that Samoa Joe shouldn?t be talking as he has ?turned more coats than the dry cleaners?. Styles goes over the Frontline, MEM and the Nation of Violence. Styles asks how that is going now that the MEM?s money has dried up. Styles brings up Tazz and tells Tazz he might as well get a rain check on that because Joe will turn on Tazz as well. Joe knows his transgressions and says there are differences between them. Joe says that he stood up in face of every newcomer while Styles got on his knees and kissed the ring of ?your new sugar daddy?. Styles drops his belt and takes of his coat. Styles makes his way to the ring and Joe beats down Styles in the corner with chops and right hands. Joe goes for the Muscle Buster but Flair enters and low blows Joe. Flair and Styles beat down Joe as the bell rings. Referees finally come down to the ring and try to stop the beating on Joe. Flair has a microphone and asks Joe if he understands now.


Backstage, Eric Bischoff cuts of AJ Styles as he attempts to leave the ring building. Bischoff asks Styles if he is proud of himself which Styles says he is. Bischoff says he was talking to Hulk Hogan and that they need a special referee for the title match this Sunday. Bischoff tells Styles that HE will be the special referee. Styles is not happy to hear that as Bischoff tells Styles he will call it right down the middle. Styles gets on his phone and tells Flair they have a problem.

Mike Tenay and Tazz go over the line up for the Against All Odds pay per view.
Anderson versus Angle in a quarter finals match
Hernandez versus Matt Morgan in a quarter finals match
Desmond Wolfe versus The Pope in a quarter finals match
Abyss versus Mick Foley in a quarter finals match
Nasty Boys versus Team 3-D
AJ Styles versus Samoa Joe for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

Backstage, Hulk Hogan cuts off Kurt Angle as Angle tries to leave the building. Angle knew that Hogan couldn?t be trusted. Hogan tells Angle he isn?t going to prevent Angle from getting his ass kicked but he wants it to happen in his house. Hogan wants Angle to go to the ring and Angle tells Hogan he is sure he will see all three of them out their. Hogan says ?good luck? as TNA goes to commercial.


Kurt Angle is standing in the ring and tells Hogan that he isn?t leaving until Scott Hall and Syxx Pac come down to the ring. Angle waits in the ring and in a few moments we see Syxx and Scott Hall enter the ring. Angle works on Pac with several right hands in the corner. Angle prevents Hall from entering the ring at first and clubs away on Hall before locking in the ankle lock. Pac goes into his pocket and hits Angle with brass knuckles and hits Angle several times. Hall gets a shot in as well. Hall and Pac work on Angle in the ring as the fans cheer Angle on. Hulk Hogan?s music hits and Hogan slowly hobbles down to the ring. Pac and Hall are doing the taunts as if they are with Hogan. Hogan is also acting as if he is with his band members. Hall and Pac help Hogan into the ring and they do the Wolfpac taunt. Hogan is given the brass knuckles as Hall and Pac pick Angle up. Hogan acts like his going to hit Angle but instead hits Hall and also knocks Pac out. Angle looks up to Hogan as Hogan drops the brass knuckles to end the show.

End of show

My Take: I didn?t really enjoy the opening segment mainly because Hulk Hogan continued to repeat that TNA is a great place to be and that they are going to be on top. The same stuff over and over again. Instead of telling the fans more than ten times in one promo, just shut up and show us how great TNA can be. Trust me, TNA can be great because they were good/great in 2005 or so. I was surprised to see Eric Young actually have interaction with Hulk Hogan, but I doubt that it will lead to anything for Eric Young. It shows how long ago this show was taped as Hogan mentioned that Young is the current Global Champion. As many know, Rob Terry won that belt weeks ago.

Dinero/Jordan wasn?t bad this week and that is because it was given TIME. They seem to work well with each other and while the match was great, it was decent. Thankfully Pope went over clean this time around.

It makes sense for Jarrett to not be in the tournament. Morgan/Suicide was more of a way to showcase how dangerous Morgan can/will be in the tournament. It served its purpose to make Morgan look good.

I?m not really a fan of awarding Foley and Abyss the final two spots. Sure, it adds to the storyline between Foley and Bischoff but this makes me ask what was the point of the qualifying matches for the other six people. You could have both Abyss and Foley enter the tournament by beating Dr. Stevie and Raven respectively. Make them earn their spot instead of diminishing the creditability of the tournament.

Williams/Red was a fund match, I thought. Williams style really makes him look like a dominate champion against smaller X-Division wrestlers. Match was fairly fast paced and kept me interesting. Good television match.

Velvet Sky is simply annoying. The Beautiful People overall are annoying, but I?d assume that is the point of the stable. Not much really to say more about this portion of the program.

The main event was a good match as well. Anderson heel antics were entertaining and adds a story to his match with Angle at the PPV. I didn?t like seeing Wolfe lose the match as he should be getting momentum going into the tournament. I wouldn?t have minded Wolfe turning on Hernandez to have Hernandez lose the match. I think the tournament overall is rather predictable as I?m thinking we will see another Angle/Wolfe match in the finals.

I was really wondering if we were not going to see AJ Styles or Samoa Joe on this weeks episode but thankfully we did. Their segment was pretty much the same thing that occurred last week with Joe putting Styles down as a traitor and whatnot. It was another segment that served its purpose and added more depth to the feud/story.

Eric Bischoff as the special referee at the pay per view? That doesn?t really interest me at all.

The closing segment was okay, but the Hogan involvement was predictable. Predictalbe that Hogan would hit Hall and Pac and not Angle. I would have preferred another match instead of a beat down segment. But, oh well.

Where the hell have Beer Money Inc been? They get a upset win over the Band at Genesis and I don?t believe they have been on television since then. Xplosion matches do not count in my mind.

That last statement was random, I know. But, it is bothering to think that TNA isn?t using two good young talents. Hopefully they are more involved in the coming weeks.

Overall, this weeks show did a good job of hyping up the matches for Against All Odds. Their wasn't really a segment that shouldn't have been on the show, in my opinion. Solid showing again this week.

Thanks for reading.

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