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TNA Impact 4/5/2010 Recap

Posted in News by Jack at 20:50, Apr 05 2010

By: Bob Colling of http://chroniclesoftna.bravejournal.com/

Total Non-Stop Action presents Impact
Date: April 5th, 2010
From: Orlando, Florida
Announcers: Mike Tenay and Tazz
Reporting: Bob Colling from http://chroniclesoftna.bravejournal.com/
(past TNA recaps dating back from 6/19/2002 to 2/19/2003 are at the above link with more to come!)

A video highlighting Lethal Lockdown is shown. Abyss?s team is heavily mentioned as Jarrett is apart of his team. The Jarrett vs. Styles match from last week is mentioned in the video.

?Advantage Team Flair?

Backstage, Christy Hemme discusses a eight women tag match where four ladies will be competing for keys to open up lock boxes with four prizes inside. Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne come over and Sky says that they will be getting prizes. Lacey Von Erich comes out and says that she will be walking around in her bras and panties and that ?everyone wins?. The four prizes for the lock boxes are the following.
- Tara?s pet Poison
- TNA Knockouts Championship
- A contract for any match against anyone
- someone will walk around ringside in their bras a panties.

TNA opening video

Hulk Hogan?s music hits and Hogan comes out with Abyss and Jeff Jarrett. It is mentioned that Eric Bischoff isn?t here tonight. Hogan says that Flair has showed his true colors over and over again. Abyss chimes in and says that Flair may be a legend but he has never dealt with someone like Abyss. Abyss talks about Lethal Lockdown and says that Team Flair will realize what pain and suffering is all about when the top of the cage is brought down. Abyss says that himself, Jarrett and the rest of Team Hogan will kick Team Flair?s ass! Ric Flair comes out in his wheelchair with Chelsea pushing him. Flair is joined by Sting, Desmond Wolfe and Beer Money Inc. Flair tells the fans to shut up and can not believe that he is looking at his competition. Flair introduces his team and puts them all over. Flair says that there is more history between himself and Sting then there is in the whole wrestling world. Flair tells Abyss that he is the Hall of Fame. Hogan tells Flair to shut up. Hogan says that they have full team and a powerful team. Hogan lets Flair know that he will find out when the time is right. Flair says that everyone wants to be the Nature Boy. Flair says that they will come down to the ring to see what Hogan?s team is all about. Team Flair make their way down to the ring but Jeff Jarrett stops things for a moment. Jarrett wants Sting to enter the ring without his bat to answer a question. Sting enters without the bat and Jarrett talks about knowing Sting for twenty years and their history. Jarrett calls Sting by his real name and wants to know why has his dark side come out now. Jarrett says the fans deserve a answer and Sting begins to laugh and is slapped. Sting drops Jarrett with the Scorpion Death Drop. Desmond Wolfe hits Abyss with the bat and Beer Money corner Hogan. Jeff Hardy and RVD come out through the crowd and attack Beer Money Inc and Desmond Wolfe. The baby face team stand tall.


Opening Contest: Rob Van Dam defeated James Storm: Storm and RVD are wrestling already as we are back from break. RVD with a monkey flip early on to control Storm for a near fall. RVD with several forearms in the corner and kicks Storm off the apron to the floor. Storm blocks a baseball slide and rams RVD into the guard railing. RVD with a shoulder block but is stopped with a elevated DDT by Storm who gets a two count. Storm with a snap suplex and plays to the crowd. Storm goes for the cover but RVD is able to kick out. RVD with a roll up and nearly gets the three. RVD nails Storm with a step over heel kick and both men are hurting. RVD and Storm trade a series of right hands with RVD getting the upper hand with standing spin kick and a running clothesline. RVD with the rolling thunder and gets a near fall. Storm with a kick to the back of RVD?s head. Storm with the Eye of the Storm but isn?t able to put RVD away. RVD with a front slam and a split legged moonsault to pick up the win. ***
After the match, RVD plays to the crowd. Storm recovers and smashes a beer bottle over RVD?s head. Officials check on RVD as we go to break.


We see a replay of what happened before the break. James Storm is heading up the ramp but is attacked by Jeff Hardy who sends Storm into the ring and then to the floor. Robert Roode shows up through the crowd and drives Jeff down with a spine buster.

Backstage, Christy Hemme is with TNA Knockouts Champion Tara, ODB, Angelina Love and Hamada. Tara says this is a joke and that TNA is using her for ratings. She is going to pin someone?s ass. Angelina tells Tara that life in wrestling is a bitch and that you need to deal with it. Angelina tells Tara that she will be walking out with the TNA Knockouts Championship. ODB says that she is going for the contract to face anyone and that would be AJ ?Booty? (Styles). Hamada says something that we don?t understand.

Second Contest: Rob Terry defeated Homicide to retain the TNA Global Championship: Homicide works on Terry early on with chops but is stopped with a clothesline. Terry choke slams Homicide off the top rope and misses a running boot in the corner. Homicide with more chops in the corner but is slammed down to the mat. Terry with a military press slam and a hip toss. Homicide attempts a cross body off the middle rope but is caught by Terry and is met with a power slam. Terry covers and picks up the win. *
After the match, Terry plays to the crowd and is met with a chair shot from Homicide. Homicide smashes the chair over the had of Terry, and Terry is busted wide open. Terry with a spine buster on Homicide. Orlando Jordan shows up and squirts lotion on his chest and face to symbolize, well, you know what.


Third Contest: Lockbox Challenge: Tara, Daffney, Velvet Sky and Angelina Love won the four keys: Love works on Rayne to start the match but quickly tags in Tara. Rayne with a running big boot to control Tara. Rayne rams Tara head first into the mat several times. Tara stops Rayne on the top and hits the Widows Peak to pick up the first key. Daffney enters and slams Angelina into the ring. Daffney works on Angelina as we go commercial. Sky and ODB are going at it with Sky working on ODB. Apparently, during the commercial Daffney pinned Hamada to get the second key. ODB with a running big splash on Sky in the corner. ODB with a fall away slam on Sky and plays to the crowd. ODB covers Sky and gets a near fall. Sky with a DDT on ODB and gets the third key. Angelina takes Lacey down with a clothesline and several right hands. Angelina runs into a big boot in the corner. Lacey misses a moonsault elbow drop off the middle rope. Angelina with the Lights Out and gets the final key. *¼

Backstage, we see the boxes set up.

A video hyping up the ladder match between Mr. Anderson and Kurt Angle coming up next.

We go to commercial before the ladder match begins.


Fourth Contest: Mr. Anderson defeated Kurt Angle in a ladder match to win the key to the cage at Lockdown: Anderson with a rolling fireman?s carry. The bell officially sounds, although they showed us they were already wrestling during the break. Anderson grabs the ladder from the entrance ramp and drives Angle across the ladder with a snap suplex. Anderson sets the ladder up in the corner but is met with a overhead belly to belly suplex from Angle onto the ladder. Anderson sends Angle into the ropes and tips the ladder into the face of Angle. Anderson climbs up the ladder and is reaching for the key but isn?t able to get the key. Angle gets up and Angle Slam?s Anderson off the ladder! Angle kicks Anderson to the floor and climbs up the ladder slowly. Anderson tips over the ladder and Angle takes a nasty fall over the top to the floor. Anderson starts to climb up the ladder as Angle struggles to his feet. Anderson has the key but Angle leaps off the top and hit?s a dropkick to knock over the ladder and Anderson crashes to the mat. Angle places Anderson on the ladder and delivers several right hands. Angle goes up top and his a nice moonsault! Angle sends Anderson shoulder first into the ring post and sets up the ladder. Anderson grabs the warrior medal and hits Angle with a few right hands. Anderson proceeds to choke Angle with the warrior medal but Angle powers his way up the ladder and has his finger tips on the key with Anderson choking him. However, Angle drops down as Anderson chokes him out. Anderson climbs up the ladder and grabs the key to win the match. ***
After the match, Anderson heads up the ramp playing the crowd as Angle is left holding his throat in the ring. Anderson says that he just secured his victory at Lockdown and that he will be partying with himself.

Backstage, Jeremy Borash catches up to Hulk Hogan. Borash asks if Hogan has a comment regarding Eric Bischoff. Hogan tells Borash that anything between Bischoff and himself will be staying between themselves. Bubba the Love Sponge walks over and tells JB to leave the area. Hogan tells Bubba that he brought Bubba into the company but now he is with the Band. Hogan tells Bubba that he is running with the wrong crowd. Bubba is having fun now and walks away. Jay Lethal comes over and tells Hogan that it was his fault when the Mega Powers collided. Lethal walks away.

Backstage, Bubba the Love Sponge greets the Band as they enter the arena.


Backstage, Christy Hemme is with TNA World Tag Team Champion Matt Morgan. Morgan tells Hemme that he is the only champion and that Hernandez almost cost them the titles. Morgan says that in a unfortunate turn of events Hernandez will be out of action for quite sometime. Morgan says that he will be defending the tag team titles. Morgan is looking forward to face either Team 3-D or the Motor City Machine Guns

Fifth Contest: Team 3-D fought Motor City Machine Guns to a no contest: Ray and Sabin start off the match trading wrist locks. Sabin with right hands and kicks to the chest of Ray. Ray with a big boot but misses a second one and is met with a kick to the gut a springboard cross body from Sabin. Shelley enters but is quickly stopped with a chop from Ray. Devon enters and connects with a diving head butt. Devon with a bear hug but is met with a knee lift from Shelley. Sabin with a series of running forearms and a kick to Ray?s midsection. Sabin with a duel dropkick off the top. Ray splashes Devon in the corner. Double team kick on Devon and they hit a neck breaker/cross body combo on Devon with Shelley getting a near fall. Ray clotheslines both Sabin and Shelley from behind. Ray slams Sabin and Team 3-D hit the ?What?s Up?. Devon grabs a table on the floor. However, the Band arrives and attack Team 3-D on the floor. **¼
Nash hits Ray with brass knuckles shot. Ray is sent over the top back into the ring and Waltman hit?s the X-Factor. Hall connects with the Edge on Sabin. Nash sets Shelley up and hits him with a clothesline instead of a power bomb. Waltman grabs the spray paint and spray paints the back of Sabin as we go to commercial.


The Band are still in the ring as Bubba the Love Sponge walks down to the ring to join his friends. Nash says that he has a message for everyone. Nash says that they are running the show despite not writing the checks. Nash tells Hogan that he is looking at his worst nightmare. Nash says that for fifteen years they have been carrying his ass. Nash calls Hogan the biggest snake in the world. Nash has three people in the ring that like him and that is plenty enough.

Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with D?Angelo Dinero. Borash talks about Dinero?s loss to Wolfe last week. Dinero says that he will make history at Lockdown and will win the championship. Dinero talks about Wolfe and how Earl Hebner was distracted by Chelsea. Desmond Wolfe and Chelsea cut Dinero off and Wolfe tells Dinero that people do not get second chances. Wolfe should be getting promoted to face Styles at Lockdown instead of Dinero. Dinero tells Wolfe that if Wolfe beats him tonight that he can have his spot at Lockdown.

We see Tara kissing her ring and wondering what will happen with her ring.


TNA X-Division Champion Doug Williams makes his way down to the ring. Williams says that the days of the high flyers ruining the X-Division is over. Williams tells them they need to go to the circus and flip around with the monkeys. Williams suggests they go back to wrestling school and learn technical wrestling which he is the master of. Williams would like to be called by his full name, Douglas Williams. Williams calls out his challengers.

Sixth Contest: TNA X-Division Champion Douglas Williams defeated Generation Me in a gauntlet match: Jeremy Buck comes out and taken down with a leg trip and is catapulted into the corner. Jeremy with a moonsault for a near fall. Williams works on Jeremy with a elbow but is met with a kick and a springboard face buster for a near fall. Williams with the Chaos Theory on Jeremy to win the first stage of the match. Max Buck runs down and leaps over the top taking Williams out with a clothesline. Max with a head scissors and a dropkick for a near fall. Max sends Williams into the corner and scoop slams Williams down connecting with a leg drop for a two count. Max goes up top but is crotched on the top and is placed in a front choke hold and Max taps out. **
After the match, Shannon Moore runs down and attacks Williams to save Max. Moore tries to paint some make up on Williams but Williams bails to the floor. Moore says that chapter 13 of his book says that their isn?t a place for boring ass wrestlers in the X-Division. Moore challenges Williams to a title match at Lockdown.


Backstage, Christy Hemme asks Team 3-D what happened earlier. Brother Ray says that what happened shouldn?t have had happened. Ray calls them disrespectful Wolfpac. Ray challenges the Wolfpac to a match next week on Impact. Devon says they will be kicking their asses all over the arena.

Main Event: D?Angelo Dinero defeated Desmond Wolfe: Dinero and Wolfe brawl on the entrance ramp with Dinero knocking Wolfe down with a right hand. Dinero sends Wolfe into the ring but is met with a stomp to the ankle from Wolfe. Wolfe with a uppercut but Dinero comes back with a series of chops. Wolfe with a hammerlock leg sweep slam of sorts. Wolfe with a chop on Dinero and goes for the Tower of London but Dinero avoids that. Dinero ducks a clothesline and delivers several shots to knock Wolfe down. Dinero with the DDE (modified Code breaker) and picks up the quick win. *¼
After the match, TNA World Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles attacks Dinero on the entrance ramp and stomps away on Dinero in the ring. Styles with the Styles Clash in the ring and stands over Dinero in the ring. Styles talks some smack until Abyss makes his way down to the ring. Styles backs off and bails to the floor. Abyss hits Wolfe with a few right hands and is met with a chop block from Styles. Wolfe nails Abyss with a fire extinguisher and we abruptly go to commercial.


Mike Tenay and Tazz talk about Lethal Lockdown and how Team Flair have been controlling Team Hogan tonight.

Backstage, Jeremy Borash is with the Knockouts to find out what is in the Lockboxes. The boxes are revealed to be the following:
Velvet Sky: Open contract to face any opponent at any time.
Tara: Poison
Angelina Love: TNA Knockouts Champion
Daffney: Striptease

Jeremy Borash tells Daffney that she needs to go to the ring and perform a striptease or she will be fired. Daffney enters the ring and takes off her hat and necklace while the other Knockouts celebrate their other wins on the ramp way. Daffney pulls down her straps a little way and Lacey Von Erich runs down and beats down Daffney with the Ugly Stick. Lacey takes off her night gown and begins to do a strip tease while Tara and Love begin to brawl over the championship on the ramp way. Love kicks Tara into the ring and they trade right hands and roll around on the ring. Velvet Sky cuts a promo on Lacey Von Erich and says that Lacey doesn?t upstage her. Sky announces that she will be cashing in her title shot against Angelina Love in a leather and lace match.

End of show

My Take: The opening segment with Team Flair/Team Hogan was fine. RVD and Jeff Hardy being on Team Hogan really make that team stacked as compared to Team Flair as they got Desmond Wolfe and Beer Money. Found it rather odd that Abyss and Hogan wouldn?t do anything while Jarrett got attacked by Sting. It was obvious that was going to happened and they didn?t move until Sting left the ring. That didn?t look all that great.

I hate joining matches in progress, but Storm/RVD was a good opening contest. Why does RVD get beat down after seemingly every singles match that he has been in? Beer Money need to be made out to be strong I understand that but RVD doesn?t need to be getting his ass kicked after the match every time.

A fine extended squash between Rob Terry and Homicide. If TNA is going in a OJ/Terry feud direction I think the interaction between those two will be rather interesting. OJ squirting lotion onto his chest and chin just shouldn?t have happened as that was rather disturbing.

Lockbox Challenge is a dumb idea, really. The match wasn?t really entertaining to me at all. More on this later on in this portion of the recap.

I don?t understand why Angle and Anderson are fighting in a ladder match two weeks before their cage match. Why were they risking their careers for a key to the cage is beyond my understanding. It was a good match with good action but what was the point? Anderson has the key, that is some sort of advantage? If you think about it, wouldn?t it take longer to unlock the door to get out then just getting out like normal cage matches with the referee opening the door? Since when do TNA have cage matches where you exit through the door anyway? I don?t get it.

A decent promo by Matt Morgan. I don?t like that he will be defending the tag team titles by himself. That defeats the reason for the TAG TEAM TITLES.

So, I guess TNA will be dropping the whole MCMG/Team 3-D series of matches and will just have MCMG take on Matt Morgan like they earned at Destination X. Team 3-D vs. the Band can?t be any good when it happens next week.

TNA lets Daniels go but they keep Bubba the Love Sponge. Great business decision if you want to lose fans. Nash didn?t seem like he was done cutting the promo when they stopped the segment. I can?t help but laugh that TNA will be heavily featuring people who are fifteen years past their prime in Nash and Hall for the next several weeks/months.

Douglas Williams has a gauntlet match against two people? Might as well have just been a handicap match. Why is Shannon Moore getting a title shot before Kazarian? Kazarian won the number one contenders ladder match at Destination X but is again stepping aside for Shannon Moore? Who honestly cares about Shannon Moore? Please, someone tell me.

A quick main event this week. I?m assuming that was done to get over Dinero as a legitmate threat to Styles belt as he has been jobbing a lot before this match. A good beat down by Styles after the match as well.

I hated the fact that the Lockboxes segment ended the show. I also hated that Angelina Love won the belt by opening the right case. That makes her look good. ?Hey, their champion won the belt by opening a case!? That is just complete garbage to me. I found that to be a horrible ending to the show. Also, the open contract is for anytime, why would Velvet Sky tell Angelina Love when she is going to cash that in? Wouldn?t the smart decision be to take Love out when she least expects it and win the belt? I guess not.

Overall, we got two good matches with RVD/Storm and Angle/Anderson in my opinion. However, some of the stuff this week just was stupid to me or wasn?t anything exciting. TNA had a good week last week and follow up this week with a poor showing, mainly with the writing of the show.

Thanks for reading.

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