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5 Years of IYH

Posted in Audio Archive by Jack at 01:46, Apr 08 2010

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IYH turned 5 years old. We took calls from all the fans to talk about their favorites moments from the last 5 years of the show. Surprise callers included Wrestleview's Adam Martin and XPW's Kaos. For information on Kaos's wrestling school and the upcoming Dynamite D Tribute show please visit:

We also covered the "Monday Night Wars '10" between Impact and RAW and much more. Topics include:
- Anderson vs Angle in the ladder match & Angle's dangerous bump
- Karen Angle's engagement to Jeff Jarrett
- NXT and Incher love for the keg carrying contest
- The Locked Box Challenge on Impact
- Otunga on RAW
- Kanyon's Passing
- Mortis and if the character could have been bigger
- Carroll Crockett Cup news
- ROH Big Bang
- Jack's big announcement concerning his future

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02:14, Apr 08 2010

Congrats on 5 years IYH crew! Here's to 5 more (and 5 more after that 5 more, etc!)


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11:06, Apr 08 2010

Great show...can't wait for 5 more years of excellence!

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02:35, Jan 22 2015

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