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Terry Funk Promo For Thunder Bay Show

Posted in News by Jack at 16:36, May 12 2010

GNW present on May 15th, Thunder Bay Ontario Canada

Big Sexy Kevin Nash vs Scott Steiner
Lanny Poffo aka The Genius vs Jeremy Prophet
Vampiro vs Hannibal + Terry Funk Guest Referee
The Sexy Candy Girl on a open challenge.

More details at http://www.greatnorthwrestling.com/

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16:46, May 12 2010

Thank you to the greatest wrestling radio show to talk about the best Canadian Federation The Great North Wrestling

Don't miss the DVD, will be available on the web site

For Wrestling News in French Info-Lutte.com
For Every Wrestling TV Show in English Info-Lutte.com
For more action PCOstyle.com

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23:01, May 12 2010

Awesome man, love to see the DVD


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20:44, Nov 30 2012

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20:22, May 24 2014

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23:54, Jul 15 2014

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09:28, Sep 04 2014

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06:28, Feb 05 2018

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