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Terry Funk

Posted in 2010 Hall of Heroes by Jack at 22:46, Aug 15 2010

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5 Sickest Teleporter Accidents Ever

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You could say humanity was somewhat addicted to teleportation technology, and then, in 2852, everyone went cold turkey. The network of farcasters crashed and, unfortunately, thousands of people were still using them at the time. Some people were cut in half, others suffered amputations and still others vanished into oblivion.

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Honorable Mention: The Skroob Incident

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4: Contents May Have Shifted

Any conspiracy theorists worth their tinfoil hats can tell you all about the fabled Philadelphia Experiment. Navy destroyer invisible and accidently teleported the USS Eldridge from Philadelphia, Penn., to Norfolk, Va.

Sounds great, doesn't it? As if you set out to discover Solarsoft KD Slide a cure for the common cold and happened to wipe out cancer instead. But, of course, there was a problem. While the experiment Dunk SB Low Cut successfully teleported the Eldridge some 271 miles (436 kilometers) in one piece, the human crew didn't fare so well.

According Nike Air Max Kids to both conspiracy nut ramblings and one 1984 movie, the teleported destroyer re entered physical reality with much of its crew half buried in the ship's bulkheads. Indeed, contents may have shifted during flight and Designer Shoes reformed inside other contents.

If there's any validity to this story of reality warping warships, then the Philadelphia Experiment represents humanity's first awkward dabbling in teleportation science. Navy, for what it's worth, denies the whole incident.

Honorable Mention: The Event Horizon

Starships also suffer from disastrous teleportation methods. In 2040, the Event Horizon activated an experimental gravity drive designed to link two points in space time through an artificial black hole. Unfortunately for the crew, the drive opened a gateway to Hell instead. It was seven years before the ship reappeared in our dimension. invasion of Iraq.

By the year 3008, however, things had taken a grotesque turn for the worse. Due to a gruesome teleporter malfunction, the Air Presto 6.0 three musicians' bodies fused into a single, amorphous blob of human flesh. The accident left them in a state of intense, constant pain, but their surviving heads and limbs permitted their blockbuster musical career to continue unchecked.

This catastrophic merger also altered their physiology in astounding ways, greatly extending their life span and allowing their horrifying new body to absorb other organisms presumably their new form of sustenance.

Let their example be a lesson: one at a time in the teleporter. No crowding.

Honorable Mention: Star Trek Three way

In 2372, a teleportation accident aboard the starship USS Voyager melded three different species (a Vulcan, a Talaxian and a mysterious alien orchid) into a single organism. As it turns out, the orchid actually caused the whole fiasco due to its remarkable symbiotic properties.


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Even a short term hospital stay in a country where you do not have medical insurance, can cost a small fortune. Should you need medical attention that takes time such as surgery and recovery time, or need to be flown home under specialist medical supervision, you could be facing thousands of dollars in out of pocket expenses. Mens Puma Sailing Shoes If you were to have an Mens Puma Racer Shoes accident requiring a helicopter airlift, that alone can cost well into the tens of thousands, but with cheap travel insurance you could be covered.

While it is advisable to take your time choosing your travel insurance policy and comparing different policies online, some cheap travel insurance companies allow you to take out your insurance policy online, even once you have Womens Puma Lazy Insect commenced your journey! You can also start the claims process online, from anywhere in the world.

Basic policies can be very cheap, so there is no reason Mens Puma Drift Cat not to cover yourself and your family and give yourself the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are going to be looked after, should something beyond your control happen to you while you are on your holiday.

Even something simple such as dropping your camera in the sea could ruin your holiday. But if you knew that you could replace it when you got home, the sting of the situation would be taken away a little, wouldn"t it?

If something unfortunate comes your way while you are travelling away from home, cheap travel insurance could Womens Puma Tour Cat be the difference between ruining your holiday and perhaps even landing you in debt, and having a few funny holiday memories of situations that turned

out ok because your travel insurance company took care of the out of pocket expenses for you. Everyone is happy! Don"t risk ruining your holiday "" cover yourself today.


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India The Land Of Learning Palm Reading

Many people claims that the study of palmistry belong s to their respective countries. The Indian people have been claiming that the science of chirognomy has been prevailing in the Womens Puma Sandals Footwear world due to the great contribution of the Indian saints and sages. It is the Siddhi and meditation that has given the world such esoteric knowledge that sees the future of the human being. Because of the astrological or Puma Shoes palm reading guidance the people are capable of avoiding many imminent Womens Puma Fluxion II dangers in their life. The Chinese people claims that the art of chirognomy belongs to their country from time immemorial. It is seen in some books that the study of hand reading belongs to Greece philosophers like Aristotle, Plato and Socrates etc.

Many things that appears to the students while learning palmistry. The books, magazines and internet gives different sorts of information all about chiromancy. However, the study of Womens Puma Fur Womens Puma Fluxion palmistry is a science and art in one. It is said in many Womens Puma Usain Bolt Indian classics that the philosophy of palmistry that originated in India and gradually spread all over the world. The Maharishi Samudra discovered the veracity of this latent science having seen the signs and symbols on the body of Lord Vishnu. Which is why, this science in India or in Sanskrit is called Samudrika Vidya.

The students of astrology and palm reading have been Womens Puma Saba Ballet Young following two kinds of studies in the current scenario of learning palm reading. Some believe that the chiromancy should be learnt as it is available in the ancient books. And, some other classes of people believe in learning the modern approach of gaining the knowledge of palmistry. However, basically the Vedic astrology and chiromancy should be followed since the ancient saints were capable of exploring the secrets of Mens Puma Ducati the human life by means of their extrasensory power, meditation as well as research.

The modern approaches of chirognomy have integrated many books, computers and internet etc. The modern books and magazines have diversified the science into many parts. So it is always advisable to go through the Mens Puma Ducati authentic books on the science of palmistry. The ancient book Hast Sanjivan is one of the popular ancient classics that speak palm reading in details.

The modern technology and science is Mens Puma Trionfo Tour SF far ahead of propagating of anything with far less effort and time. The internet is one of them. The student of chiromancy can go for the forums, FAQs and multiple informative websites that offers courses and studies on the study of this secret science. The internet can make one research oriented in any field. The mass media such as newspapers, televisions, radios are hyperactive these days to propagate the science of spirituality since most of the people in the world have been seriously spiritually involved during last decade and the media has got a great contribution in propagating the science of astrology, palmistry, numerology and horoscopy etc.

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