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Luke Robinson & Bill Apter

Posted in Audio Archive by Jack at 23:08, Jun 15 2011

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This week on IYH we were joined by Tough Enough finalist Luke Robinson and legendary wrestling journalist Bill Apter.

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We opened the show with Tough Enough Finalist Luke Robinson. Topics discussed:
- How he became involved with the show
- Stone Cold Steve Austin
- Andy & the other contestants
- His real thoughts on the fimale
- His friendship with Jeremiah
- Matt Cross
- His personality
- His future in wrestling
- Tons more, plus follow Luke on Twitter @LukeRobinson13

We then reviewed TNA Slammiversary, and then we were joined by legendary pro wrestling journalist Bill Apter talking about:
- NWA Legends Fanfest August 4-7 in Atlanta, GA
- The Andersons
- Wrestling magazines and the banning of press in the 80's
- Karaoke
- Much more and don't forget for all your NWA Legends ticket info please visit:

Jack & Incher then went over all the wrasslin news and views including:
- Hulk Hogan's stage tour
- TNA star on foodstamps
- Impact
- Upcoming all X Division PPV
- 6 sided ring returning
- Austin Aries, Kidd Kash, Jerry Lynn & more coming back to TNA
- Many phones calls and a ton more so check it out kiddies !!!

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