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Interview Recap - Luke Robinson

Posted in Interview Recaps by Jack at 01:52, Jun 22 2011

By Nikhil Kalhan

Luke Robinson Interview recap
By Nikhil Kalhan

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Jack and OneInchBiceps were joined by Luke Robinson the finalist and runners up of Tough Enough 2011.

Jack starts by saying he personally thinks Luke got robbed out of winning Tough Enough. Luke says he hears that a lot, and believes most people thinks he should have won.

Luke said he was shocked to see Andy win considering Trish Stratus and Booker T praised himself quite a lot backstage. He couldn't believe Booker said Andy had the "it" factor, because he thinks Andy is the opposite of the "it" factor. He talks about how embarrassing Andy's promos were on RAW and how McMahon cut him off.

Jack asked how Luke got involved with Tough Enough? Luke said USA contacted him and he thought it was a prank at first and two weeks later he saw the press release. He also had done d try-outs and extra appearances for WWE before. He did an audition video then had an intensive process with security checks etc. Luke says he knew he was going to make it to the end of the show. Luke believes he was bound to get to the end of the show and it wasn’t cockiness, it was confidence.

Jack asked did Matt Cross was too respectful? Like agreed and said yes. Luke thinks when Austin was in the ring with Matt on the bottom 3, Matt's answers to Steve was what made Austin cut him. Luke said after the Raw was over every finalist said he should have won, people respected him. Matt didn’t have the belief in himself that he would win.

Jack asked if he will continue to pursue the WWE? Luke said for him WWE is the place to be even though TNA,ROH are around. Luke believes he is an entertainer and that is what WWE is about.

Patrick phoned in and asked: Do you see yourself going into the WWE? He said one day hopefully he will be there. He said once when he is at the big stage you won’t see silliness but more serious from him.

David phoned in and asked if he would consider going to TNA or any other organisation? Luke said since he was a kid he wanted to go to WWE, it’s a never say never situation, but his main goal is to get into the WWE.

Crystal phoned in and asked what was your favourite moment of Tough Enough? He said when Stone Cold was practicing wrestling with him. He didn't feel like he was marking out, but that he belonged in their with Steve. Also on the last skill work when he dropped the elbow.

Jack asked what was it like to be in the ring with Stone Cold, Vince McMahon and the crowd on RAW? He said at first he was nervous before going out, but not when he was out there and he got the reaction he wanted. He said people who don’t know him hate him.

OneInchBiceps asked does Luke keep in contact with Jeremiah? Luke said they are really good friends and they still keep in touch and see each other, in fact they spent last week together. They have a lot in common such as growing up on farms and enjoy fishing together. OneInchBiceps asked what he thought about the twisting elbow Jeremiah landed? Luke says Jeremiah had planned it, but made it seem like something he made up on the fly. Luke knew Jeremiah was going to do it when he saw Jeremiah go to the top.

Luke said there was 100's of hours of footage for he show. They had to pick highlights, so many things were not seen. Luke says they did not edit footage to make people seem different that they were.

Nikhil phoned in and asked: What was it like to be in the first segment with Stone Cold and Vince McMahon? Luke said he knew they would be in the segment as Tough Enough would lead onto RAW. Nikhil asked did anyone come up to him backstage after losing? Brooklyn Brawler told him don’t worry you have money all over you and you will become a star, he praised Stone Cold for being a great man to him. He said he reminded him of a young Shawn Michaels. The Miz said he expected him to win and hopefully sees him again working for the WWE. Luke says Bill DeMott and him didn't get along so well. Did he keep the WWE belt he was holding? The winner did and one day he will wear the belt.

Jack asked did everyone know Andy have a development contract? That news leaked out on the first episode when they were backstage at Smackdown. He said he didn’t find out till then. It was odd and could understand people questioning it, but has nothing bad to say about any conspiracy theories of some sort, he didn’t know Christina had a contract either.

Jack asked why Rima wasn’t on the last show? Luke said she is an awesome person, fun to party with. Jack asked did he have any relationship with any of the girls? Luke said Michelle is married, Christina and him don’t get along, Rima was Miss America. Him and Rima had some good fun together, lets keep it at that. The Miss USA people didn’t allow her to "hook up" with anyone on the show. Luke says nobody hooked up on the show.

OneInchBiceps asked does Luke consider himself and Jeremiah a bromance? Luke said greatness attracts each other and they have the same mentality and same humour, they are a hell of a tag team. Like said they are the Redneck Rock Stars.

William phoned in: He asked the best moment on TE? Luke said everything was entertaining because of him and that is not arrogance. Luke said he was in a mansion and had a lot of fun and drank so much, Andy didn’t do anything, and nobody saw him he just sat in his room. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity, Andy was in bed at eight o clock every night. He said Andy used the pity vote about having young kids and that’s why he won, he never degraded him to win the competition. Luke said it's not his fault he knows how to use a condom unlike Andy.

Jack asked did him and Andy get along? Luke said he never saw him and he was sleeping early, Luke said he was called Wedge as a nickname because he was similar to ‘Edge’, only without the personality or charisma. Luke went on to make fun of Andy and the way he talked. Jack said he nicknamed him the big doofus on the show.

Luke thanked Jack for being on and likewise


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