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Tully Blanchard Interview

Posted in Interview Recaps by Jack at 14:25, Feb 27 2012

Highlights from Tully Blanchard interview from www.sportstalknetwork.com

How he found out he was going to be in the WWE Hall of Fame: "I was in Austin, TX sitting in a lobby of an organization there and John Laurinaitis called me on the phone and he said "we're going to announce the Four Horseman going into the Hall of Fame if you want to watch it tonight on RAW." That was about 2 hours before the show and it kind of makes you a little speechless. After as long as your career has been over as mine has been you don't really think that... you know the time has passed like in football you have to be out 5 years and then go in but very few people hold on and then go in after 15 years that didn't go in in 5 so you kind of settle in to a mindset that it is what it is and you go on about your business and you hope that the wrestling fans realize and appreciate the effort you put in and they really dictate where your known and remembered in history anyway but it does give that final crowning piece to my career and it's something that nobody can take away from you."

On his run as being a tag-team star overshadowed his run as a singles star: "The tag-team stuff is the last thing they (the fans) saw. When we switched Luger to baby face when we brought Barry (Windham) over that changed the dynamics of the Four Horseman. That made Barry the second single behind Flair where I was and then shifted me over to the tag-team which made us a much more stronger unit and much more marketable to make money. When we went over to the WWE you never saw us in singles matches because we went over as a tag-team so it's understandable but anybody that would go back and see the "I quit match" or the Steamboat match from Starrcade '84... all the Starrcades' I was never in a tag-match but always a single."

On If Ric Flair Will Be Showing Up For The WWE HOF Event: "Well I saw a thing on YouTube that he said he would be there. I can't imagine why he wouldn't. I think he's under contract with TNA. It would benefit their product if one of their stars was on the Hall of Fame and WrestleMania in a showcase position so they would be silly not to want him to go there and Flair would be silly not to come."

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