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Trish Stratus Interview

Posted in News by Jack at 17:17, Feb 27 2012

Highlights from TYrish Stratus intetview with IGN

If she spoke with Steve Austin about making movies while filming Tough Enough: "Yeah, absolutely. I had just finished filming Bounty Hunters actually so it was a fresh project for me and I told him that I was really excited about it and he told me that it was a great little business to be in. He's happy to sit there and make a few films a year and he knows the audience that he's speaking to. So it was good to talk to him. Because you never know if you do your wrestling stuff in a movie whether or not it will be acceptable. Or if the mainstream crowd will like it. But at the end of the day, we know what our fans want and what they like and so I think for me to be a bit Trish Stratus-like in my first film role was a smart move. So he was very supportive and we actually talked about possibly collaborating on a project one of these days."

If she would make a movie with Austin: "Absolutely. And you know it's funny because a lot of people think this is a WWE-made movie project. People just associate me with that. And it had just gotten picked up for distribution before we even talked to the WWE about it, so there could have been interest in that regard. But it's good to be doing something on the outside and still see that it's piquing their interest. Steve and I said we'd love to do something together and I think that could be really cool, because I think we saw that on Tough Enough we had the chemistry. Steve and I once had this moment -- and it's on my WWE DVD -- it's this behind the scenes thing where we're riffing and that's kind of us. We're both kind of quirky and we riff and it pretty much baffled everyone else on the set. So it would be really fun to have that translate to a movie. And another answer to your question is that Amy Dumas [Lita from the WWE] and I have been collaborating on a project as well. I don't know how familiar you are with the old 'Luchadora' movies but there's an old film called Doctor of Doom vs. The Wrestling Women and we're talking about doing a remake of that. And I think the fans would really get a kick out of it."

The current Diva's division: "Well, I know that Nattie has a 'flatulence' gimmick going on right now and a lot of people have been asking me, 'Can you believe it?' And I just say, 'To be honest, it's not a bad thing.' Because that seems to be what everyone's talking about right now and so, to me, any time you can get yourself on TV, it's good. Two minutes is better than zero minutes. So hopefully she can take this and turn it into something else. Or somehow it gets the fans to connect with her. She's an amazing talent. Everyone's so talented right now. I know most people say that the Woman's division is crap right now, and I hear it all the time. And I want to say that it's not crap. I mean the portrayal of the Woman's division perhaps isn't as great as it could be, but the women in it are top notch. With Nattie and Beth [Phoenix] especially. And think Eve is someone who's been overlooked. She's amazingly athletic in the ring and she's come a long way. And Kelly Kelly too has risen in the quality and caliber of her matches incredibly. So right now it's all about developing the character. So the fact that Eve is doing the cutting-edge controversial angle is a good thing because people are talking about it and getting a buzz going. Same with Nattie. And with Kharma coming back too, it can only mean wonderful things for the Woman's division. And hopefully it will gain some momentum. And the fans will be into it."

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