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WWE Vengeance 2006

Posted in In My Head by Jack at 05:23, Jun 26 2006

Ok its Vengeance time, so lets take a look at what the WWE has on the menu for tonight. About half of the show will be composed of ECW vs. WWE matches. A couple of the sports legends will go toe to toe, and of course DX will have their first official PPV match in years. Can a nostalgia act, and a few company vs. company matches, carry a PPV? Lets find out.

The show opens with the standard WWE fireworks display, and several camera pans across a very rowdy crowd. The King and J.R. kick things off with a rundown of the nights activities, and we then go straight to the ring.

Match 1 ? Randy Orton vs. Kurt Angle
In a move that must have surprised some backstage, the crowd still gave Kurt the ?You Suck? chant during his walk-in, despite his new entrance music. Once the match started however, they were solidly behind him. Kurt used his new ?ECW style? in this match, relying almost entirely on mat work. Orton wrestled his typical match, including his now famous/infamous 4 minute chin-lock. Though this did quiet the crowd down quite a bit, Orton moved around enough with the hold to prevent any ?boring? chants. In fact, with the exception of the chin-lock, the crowed seemed pleased with this match, as they should have been. The two worked well together, and the match had a nice sense of give and take. The end came when Orton hit the RKO and pinned Angle, after Kurt hit his head on an exposed turnbuckle. This was par for what a PPV match should be, it wasn?t amazing, but it was better than what we get on free TV. If the rest of the card can match this, we?re in for a good night.

We then go backstage for a little Vince McMahan\kid in a wheelchair humor before the start of the next match.

Match 2 ? Umaga w/Armando Alejandro Estrada vs. Eugene w/Hacksaw Jim Duggan & Doink The Clown, & Kamala
Prior to the start of this match, Eugene brings his ?back up? to the ring. Although Duggan kept the crowd worked up with ?USA?, and ?Eugene? chants, that was the extent to which the ?back up? involved themselves. This of course meant that Umaga was free to work his typical match, which he did. In a repeat of what we have been watching for several weeks, Umaga beat Eugene around the ring and then finished him off with a thumb to the throat. After the match, Umaga also took out Doink and Duggan, but was stopped by Alejandro from mixing it up with Kamala, (a sure sign that a crappy match will be held on RAW this Monday). This match was only fair, but it was relatively short, so I can?t complain too much.

Next we go backstage for Mick Foley?s reading of a few choice passages from Ric Flair?s book, before we once again return to ringside.

Match 3 - Mick Foley vs. Ric Flair ? 2 out of 3 falls
Foley promised to put on a wrestling clinic in this match and he did, at least for a little while. Foley did in fact go hold for hold with Flair throughout the entire course of this match. Even when Flair got the first pin, Foley stuck to his wrestling game plan. The crowed was into this match from the very start, and the two performed in such a way as to keep them excited. Foley?s mat work ended when he used a trashcan shot to force Flair to break the figure four leg lock he found himself in. This caused Foley to be disqualified, and cost him the match. At this point, the Foley of old returned, (along with his barbwire wrapped baseball bat), allowing Flair to do his ?bleeding like a stuck pig? routine. This was a good match. It was nice to see Foley in a change of styles, as well as the old hardcore style that made him famous. Overall I must say the WWE is having a good outing.

We then go backstage for a Carlito/Maria/Torrie/Baby Oil segment. I?ll leave exactly what happened here to your imagination, however I will say that Torrie has gotten way to thin.

Match 4 - Carlito vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. Johnny Nitro - IC Championship Match
It looks as if someone has decided to allow Carlito to increase the number of scenes he can put in his highlight reel. If there was a big one on one spot in this match, Carlito was the guy getting the better of it. He even did an incredible double springboard plancha, although the camera missed half of it. However despite this, and a few other big spots, this match just didn?t quite do it for me, or the more subdued crowed that watched it. The slower than needed pace, combined with the extend length of the match was just more than the three could overcome; and with the exception of the spots mentioned above, it had a decidedly free TV feel to it. The match ended when Nitro was able to steal a pin on Benjamin, after Carlito caught him with his BackCraker.

Once again we go backstage where the Spirit Squad gets a pep talk from Vince McMahon, followed by an RVD/Edge feud video package.

Match 5 RVD vs. Edge w/Lita WWE Heavyweight Championship Match
Although I had hoped for a barnburner with this one, I didn?t get it. The two worked slower than I would have expected, and seemed to rely on a number of isolated spots through out the match, rather than maintaining a constant and fluid flow. The match was OK, and did have some nice spots in it, but I was hoping for more. RVD gets the win here, after Edge accidentally spears a steel chair that was being held by Lita.

Following the match, we see a shot of the ECW locker-room filled with the ECW lumberjacks. Paul Heyman then comes in and informs us that there will be WWE lumberjacks during the Cena vs. Sabu match as well.

Match 6 ? Kane vs. Imposter Kane
If you want to know how to kill a crowd, just send in the Kanes. In a typical ?big man match?, that earned ?boring? chants from the crowd, the two Kanes kicked, punched, and slammed their way through this generic bout. Mercifully the end came when Imposter Kane choke slammed Kane for the pin. At least Imposter Kane?s wig didn?t try to come off this time?

We then get a Cena vs. Sabu recap video segment prior to the start of their match.

Match 7 ? Sabu vs. John Cena Extreme Lumberjack Match
Despite the butchering of his name by Lilian Garcia Sabu as well as Cena rose to the occasion tonight. In what was a good and fast paced match, the two worked very well together, and the addition of the lumberjacks and extreme rules improved the quality of the match as well. Sabu got in several of his signature moves, however it was Cena?s STFU that won the match. The Kanes may have put the fans to sleep, but Sabu and Cena woke them back up.

After the match, Cena is approached by RVD and in what was the worst acting I have ever seen, the two agree to meet on RAW for a title match. We are then shown a very long video package detailing the reunion of DX.

Match 8 DX vs. The Spirit Squad
One of the rules of show business is to ?give the people what they want?, well tonight the crowd wanted DX. The crowd worked itself up to a frenzy during this match. Frankly they had every right to. The in ring work was good, and the match had a very nice feel and flow to it. The two teams kept most of the match either one on one, or two on one throughout the night, thus avoiding a ridiculous looking five on two scenario. As one might have expected, DX was able to overcome the odds and get the win, however they did so in a rather bland manner, a stark contrast to the rest of the match. After the win HHH starts his own version of the Kiss My Ass club, unfortunately signifying weeks of shaved ass cheek to come.

And there you have it Vengeance 2006. I must admit, with the exception of Umaga, and the Attack of the Kanes, I liked this show. Although none of the matches tonight were excellent, the majority were in fact good. If you?re looking for a place to spend your PPV money, this show is one you should consider.

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Joined: Mar 02 2006
Posts: 15

08:17, Jun 26 2006

Just as I had expected, the Flair and Foley match tore the house down. Let's hope they keep this going through SummerSlam or Survivor Series, culminating in a Hell In A Cell match.


Joined: Feb 25 2006
Posts: 31
Location: Liverpool UK
Gender: Male

12:30, Jun 26 2006

good job as always man.

The Hung

13:42, Jun 26 2006

What a joke! WWE goes baby again.

World Champ

LOOT: 400
Joined: Sep 04 2005
Posts: 3353
Location: Cape Cod
Gender: Male

13:48, Jun 26 2006

The Foley vs Flair match hardly tore the house down. It was a total disappointment, it ended in a DQ.

PPV Star

LOOT: 145
Joined: Sep 04 2005
Posts: 148
Location: UK

09:56, Jun 30 2006

How can it be a disappointment when foley told everyone it would be crap ahead of time


Joined: Mar 03 2006
Posts: 6
Location: Hillsborough, NC
Gender: Male

00:28, Jul 11 2006

It's been a while sense i've been on. Back in Germany and I came home to everything being turned off... lol But It was a great atmosphere in the Bobcat Arena. It was a fun night I drank WAY too much and loved every minute of it even the Kanes match... lol hangover from hell the next day though.

PPV Star

LOOT: 25
Joined: Sep 04 2005
Posts: 154
Gender: Female

07:34, Jul 18 2006

Who ever thought of the The Kane vs Fake Kane should be punished... just boggles the mind..
What I don't understand.. Is I pay for cable.. then have to pay on top of that.. annoys me..

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12:25, May 10 2014

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14:25, May 26 2014

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23:09, Jul 16 2014

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23:42, Jul 16 2014

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01:11, Jul 25 2014

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