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Posted in News by Jack at 14:40, Oct 20 2006

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11:26, May 26 2014

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22:49, Jul 16 2014

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00:15, Jul 21 2014

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20:01, Apr 27 2015

10 Dangerous Myths About Credit Cards

Credit cards can expand the buying power of a responsible user in the know, but those who aren't careful can quickly have their credit rating crippled and rack up huge debts. Read up on some of these common, but dangerous myths about credit cards to prepare yourself for the world of plastic.

1. Myth: Transferring the balance of one credit card to another is an effective way to manage debt

In theory, moving your debt to a credit card with a lower interest rate will save you money, but in the end, having multiple credit cards can harm your credit score. Part of the formula that credit rating bureaus use to factor your credit score is a ratio of your credit line to your credit balance. Having more debt might mean a lower score.

Plus, the bigger the balance, the faster Nike Zoom Hyperev interest will accrue. For example, 20% interest on $4000 is $800, but 10% of $9000 is still $900.

2. Myth: Cash Advance is about the same as using a debit card at an ATM

Cash Advances may seem like a quick fix when your hard up, but that $60 you pull out of the machine tonight might cost you much more by next month. Cash advances often have Nike Zoom KD VII 7 hidden fees and increased interest that make them hard to pay off unless you take care of them right away.

3. Myth: Paying the Air Jordan CP3 VI Mens Shoes minimum each month is okay to get you by

True, if you pay off the minimum amount due each month the credit card companies won't sick their hounds on you, but Nike SB Ruckus Mid LR that debt will take years and years to go away. And what's worse, you'll end up paying much more. Paying off a $5000 purchase over 8 years with an 19% interest rate racks up a hefty $4311 in interest. That means your paying almost twice as much!

4. Myth: Rebuilding your credit is simple

Unlike blowing off an assignment in high school, those red check marks on your credit report won't go away quite so easily. Defaulting on a Designer Shoes loan, declaring bankruptcy or consistently being late on payments can cause irreparable damage to your credit rating. True, through some diligence and a lot of letters and phone calls you can clean up your credit, but its far, far easier to keep track of your spending in the first place.

5. Myth: If your card is stolen, you won't have to pay

A lot of Americans like Nike Football Boots to feel that they'll never have to pay for something unjust done to them. Not true. While many credit card companies offer some kind of fraud protection, you still have to exercise some common sense. Just like an insurance company won't reimburse you if you leave your keys on the front seat of your car, your credit card company will hold you liable if you leave your card sitting out in the open.

6. Myth: It's worth it in savings to open a credit card at a retailer

It always seems like a sweet deal: sign up for a credit card and get 10% off of everything at your favorite store. In theory, this will work out since you shop at that store all the time anyway. But in reality, most people use that discount as justification to buy 30% more than they usually do.

7. Myth: You can sign up for free Nike Flyknit Trainer stuff, then never use the card

Credit card companies like to prey upon impetuous or frugal college students by offering free food or t shirts or novelty items for filling out a credit card application. The drawbacks are two fold: an onslaught of junk mail and an activated credit card (probably with crumby Air Jordan 10 rates) burning a hole in your wallet from that point on.

8. Myth: All is lost after Nike Lunar Force 1 Fuse your first mistake

Credit card companies are bloodsucking gougers, but that doesn't mean they can't occasionally be swayed. If you show that you are responsible, they might Adidas Soccers forgive one mistake a year. If you know a payment is going to be late because of slow postal service or you lost the bill, call them and let them know. If you've been a good customer up until that point and you are polite, you might be able to keep your credit rating pristine.

9. Myth: By using cash, you are missing out on hundreds of dollars worth of rewards

The truth is, those rewards take eons to redeem, and most of the time, they are just perks, rather than lucrative ventures. For example, you might get 3 points to the dollar spent and save up 25,000 points to get a $5 Dunkin Donuts gift card. You shouldn't use the rewards as a rationale to spend money, rather, consider it a complimentary gift for being responsible for so long.

True, getting rid of cards you never use removes the risk of the card being lost or stolen, but it also reduces your total credit line, thus possibly harming your credit rating. For example, if you have $5,000 spread over 4 cards each with a credit line of $10,000 you are doing okay with about a 12.5% balance to credit line ratio. Eliminate two of those cards, and you double that figure, putting you closer to the edge of bad credit.

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20:25, Jul 06 2015

Paul Graham: investor herding
Editor's Note: We have just talked about yesterday, Internet users herding, PaulGraham tempted today to talk about herding of investors. In simple terms, the impact of ordinary investors by other investors point of view is very deep. If they see someone starts a home for start-up companies sell themselves also tend to rush forward. If you see someone do anything, they themselves would come to a standstill. For most investors, the largest component of view is the view of other investors. This is undoubtedly the exponential growth of know-how. An investor's investment will lead to other investors with the cast, and then led more investors, and so on. Inexperienced deep, founder of the mistaken belief that manipulation of these forces is the essence of financing. Investors flocked to start-ups that are a sign of success. But in fact, the Air Jordan 6 two are not highly correlated. Instead, investors get together and have a lot of start-ups have been drained (in extreme cases, even partially positive as investors swarmed), but there is generally popular among investors when a number of very successful beginning of financing start-ups. Investors in other investors like you when you would prefer one of the reasons is that you become a better investment. Financing will reduce the risk of failure. Indeed, precisely because of this reason, you will be on the back of investors to improve their valuation. When those investors to you when you have no money to invest to take more risks, naturally, we should get more in return. In addition, the company after financing will surely be more valuable. But be careful not asking too much, founder, otherwise it will eventually lead to denial investment angered investors. Investors prefer your second reason is that you have achieved a certain success go financing will make you more confident, and investors think of you is the cornerstone of their perception of your company. Founder often when investors learned that their own success to the rapidity of the funds of the thaw was very surprised. Despite the fact that there is a lot of information transmission between investors, but in fact the most important thing is the founder himself. While investors often do not understand the technology, but they will Man. If the financing goes well, investors will soon be able to feel your confidence expanding. (Quietly to their own advantage, the founder of the ordinary often can not do this), but, frankly speaking, when you start financing investors prefer your most important reason is that they are not good at judging startups. This is true for even the best investors are also Air Jordan 17 very difficult. Investors may only mediocre luck coin toss. So those mediocre investors saw that many people vote for you, they will think this is definitely a reason. Which led to the so-called Silicon Valley 'hot deal (hot demand),' in which investor interest has been more that you can not cope. The best investors will not be affected by other investors. They will use their own judgment to dilute the opinions of others. But in fact they will indirectly affect the interests of other investors. If you negotiate with an organization's progress, and sometimes it will lead to others (even including the good investors) decided Air Air Jordan Women Jordan 9 Retro to join in, so as not to lose a single. Unless you are negotiating the Wizards (if you are not sure if it is not), or have to be very careful, do not make decisions in order to convince good investor and exaggerated. Founder always resorted to these tactics, investors are very sensitive (if not allergic to it). But as long as you say is the fact that it is secure. If you talk to Air Jordan Fusion B investors have a long talk, but they tend to A, A wants to tell. Here there is no manipulation. Because you really had hope from A financing, but not done in the case of A decision you are afraid to take risks reject B's. But one thing, do not tell who is B. A For VC is not. But angels can sometimes be, because more of their mutual cooperation. However, if the VC asked, simply Air Jordan Others indicating that the VC would not want to disclose with whom you are talking about, so others will naturally wants. If they force you to do so, he said he had no experience (one hundred test accurate security card) for financing, that they must be careful. Despite the small number of start-ups will be of interest to those who come through the situation, but almost all start-ups will have experienced the opposite case, that is not on the sheep around. Investors view deeply influenced by other investors means more or less always start a little difficult. So when you feel for how difficult it is when the Nike Pepper Shoes first investment, please do not despair, things are difficult, but this difficulty comes from external forces. The Air Jordan 10 second tranche will be much easier. Unless noted, articles are original or compiled site, please indicate: articles from 36 Krypton

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18:12, Sep 10 2015

When we released the Swift language courses, received a lot of e-mail Nike Air Max 2012 Michael Kors Clutches and private Nike Blazers Low letters to ask New Basketball Shoes Nike Air Max 2011 Women whether they still need to learn C or Objective-C. In addition, Lebron Slide 2 Elite it seems, it is still confused Swift in the end for Kobe Bryant iOS development Michael Kors Shoulder Bags ecosystem in which parts. Through this article, I want to clear your doubts and will send you to the right learning track. I should learn C / Objective-C or direct school Swift? Swift is a new language, and Objective-C or C do not have any relationship. What I mean Nike Air Max 2011 is that they are Kevin Garnett Shoes programming Lebron James languages ??and follow some basic concepts and examples, but you do not need to Kyrie Irving Nike Blazers learn before learning one another. Even if LeBron James Shoes you are new to programming, Nike Air Max 2011 Men you can also learn the Swift Apple released official documents without first learn Objective-C. I'm learning Objective-C, I should learn Swift into it? This is to try the case may be. If you learn iOS as a hobby or curiosity Nike Air Jordan 6 Women scholarship, then go to the Swift study on it. If you will be engaged in iOS development as occupation, then you have to know the outside at least one million applications are written using Objective-C, Swift has Nike Michael Kors Wallets Nike Air Jordan XX8 Zoom Kobe just released in 2014, Nike Zoom Hyperdunk so your future app development profession is still likely Use Objective-C. So you need to learn Objective-C to Michael Kors Satchels get a job, until Swift became Michael Kors Outlet the standard, which will probably take several years. While learning two languages ??will also be good for Nike Air Foamposite One you. Your future boss might even let you come to existing Objective-C app to switch to the Swift. However, I have reservations about this point of view, because Air Jordan Outlet the most important part of an application is its function rather than the language it uses, thus rewriting the existing app approach Nike Basketball may not be popular. I recommend that beginners choose Swift is Michael Kors Totes because it is a friendly language, and make it easy Michael Kors Accessories to learn thanks playground. Once you've learned the Swift, if the iOS development as occupation, then, for Nike Blazers High learning Objective-C also will be easier to understand. Finally, Swift is a modern language, if you learn Swift, it means 2015 Nike Free 5.0 also well prepared for the future, because a new generation Swift will be the language used by the application (including application on Apple Watch). Swift language Nike Air Max Apple gave everyone a gift. The world does not 5 years of experience Swift developer, but if you start learning now Swift, then after five years you will become one of the. My final suggestion is that no matter what language you choose to learn it and be proficient in it. Finally, you will find, as long as you learn iOS SDK, which language is not the most important. And after learning a language can easily start learning another door, the most critical is that from now on begin to learn.
I should direct school Swift, or Objective-C?

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07:40, Feb 07 2018

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02:11, Mar 03 2018

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02:56, Jun 29 2018

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