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04:29, Aug 15 2013

Had to UNIQLO as the imaginary enemy exactly where customers now targeting company model into a "Uniqlo + ZARA". Actually, guys who started off initially, cost-effective men and "I am exactly where shoppers," the advertisement, where buyers not only the achievements of the brand, but also gathered a large quantity of male customers. 2010, where the customer starts the genuine core from the over the internet buying population - groups of girls on the force, and high-profile launch colored stockings, then, exactly where clients ladies started on the line. Nowadays, all passengers shall be the original "European and American Women" and "Japan and South Korea Women" two product lines into 1, set up a "fashion ladies division, I want complete force within the womens field. "In the fashion degree side, exactly where the client has to go in front and now we want just about every customer actually rapidly up." Eslite early Na vice president told reporters. Force at the finish of speedy fashion womens 2012, where the client has turn into a huge promotional activities, promotional activities, data on all passengers aged president outstanding touch. "We found that female shoppers where the buyer will be the principal consumer, they're going to not quit acquiring clothing, so extended because the alignment desires, looking to earn money will not be tough." Early Na stated. In actual fact, just after the statistical data centers exactly where clients, where customers are now female customers have accounted for 70% of all customers. Early Na said that all passengers style ladies hope for all those inside the front line, the second city just after 80 and 90 soon after the younger age groups to provide a significantly more trendy outfit, "they are acquainted with the network media, there can be certain consumer attitudes and economic capacity, preference these days Street beat Japan and South Korea fashion and style. "In truth, relative to male buyers, female customers are certainly not easy to meet groups. Men and women of several customer awareness for fashion, shopping psychology is totally unique. Male shoppers are usually rigid demand-oriented, just like: To interview, you need to obtain a suit; to exercise, you ought to acquire a pair of sneakers. Even though womens shopping behavior way more to meet the psychological desires of a terrible mood, ladies could possibly be purchasing, killing time, purchasing is a way. Also, girls users quite often aimless consumption, could possibly purchase their preferred nevertheless it does not match their own items, that include to get a "thin", in order "with a piece of clothing" and to get and so on. In brief, the female users with a powerful customer behavior uncertainties. User demand uncertainty, but additionally close to the customers wants, which can be all womens organization operations concerns. 2012 autumn, in a centralized visited Anta, Semir along with other standard clothes joeone brands, the vintage was aware of your value of optimizing the efficiency in the supply chain. Aged variety of suppliers are going to be where the client is reduce to one hundred from 200, high-quality suppliers concentrated inside the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, although growing the production speed, low expense and little suppliers. Vintage that, to get a fashion brand, inventory turns are very essential, "even if there's a superb profit, inventory turns are crap can not solve this trouble, which can be the greatest problem together with the garment industry." Where the consumers operations by the way of thinking This transformation: useful control of your provide chain, to build up the information center ring of feedback mechanisms, consumption-oriented, depending on quantitative information quotas, in the end to attain the quickest inventory turnover. ZARAs results lies not simply did it pop, and control from the inventory, and Uniqlo serves timeless wardrobe standard models, relying on price tag to win. "ZARA and UNIQLO these two brands, and cost are two kinds of speedy fashion brands represented. Both strengths are supply chain Uniqlo capable to optimize the price of the supply chain, and ZARAs new quantity and also a new speed unmanned capacity and. "NOP Guys founder Liu Shuang told reporters. Inside the apparel industry, apparel and more turnover in the supply chain, one day, it indicates devalued. Information show that Chinas garment business storage time is generally 6-9 months. Because the globe leader in rapid style, "speed" has been ZARA killer, from fashion design and style towards the shelves, the quickest 12-day provide chain, no one has been able to surpass. In China, numerous garment enterprises to finish this course of action presently calls for 80 days. All along, where the buyer is deemed "Uniqlo line", considering the fact that all passengers on the line considering the fact that 29 yuan VT, 69 yuan oxford shirt ...... are its high expense is exactly where the client has won a sizable quantity of customers. In early 2013, where clients, senior vice president Wang Chunhuan mentioned: "in 2013, where buyers will probably be walking on two legs." Two legs that created two vintage supply chain: a simple models clothes production is dominated low-cost, large-scale provide chain; an additional is based on a number of compact, fast-fashion style clothes primarily rapid supply chain, namely "ZARA + Uniqlo." Currently, the turnaround time for girls exactly where the buyer has reached the fastest 30 days. The very first aspect of the supply chain system, exactly where prospects insist on "a variety of rare" speedy fashion tactic to fight MOQ, so rapidly turn 1, completed in 20 to 30 days from product improvement to sales on the item line of your whole process. "Our VT, a style MOQ is 2000, and our womens fashion, a maximum of 500 MOQ." Early Na said. Moreover, with the good quality front, exactly where clients can make the solution from production to storage to decrease the time 5 days. In addition, womens style where buyers come from well-known suppliers of ladies foundry for H & M, ZARA, Ling induced group, Iger along with other OEM brands. "Where the consumer began to do a cost-effective, has mastered the finest generation of home business resources, now and within the womens style partner factories have seven." Early Na mentioned. 2012, exactly where the introduction of a big number of young passengers design and style talents, these talents inside the 2012 war in the second half of flannel shirts to show their skills. Inside the spring and summer of 2013, where nearly 200 passengers ladies style styles, 90% came from exactly where the prospects own designer. Nearly a years data show that Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu and other cities inside the top ten users per capita within the year exactly where the buyers acquire amount is $ 500, while Beijing customers the highest, reaching 608 yuan. Additionally, the per capita annual top ten cities in the user exactly where prospects purchasing at 5 to 6 times, there is a considerable proportion of loyal customers, the annual number of orders where consumers reach dozens of times, the second obtain rate of over 80%. On the web and offline together and force in April 2013, exactly where the buyer is established in significantly more than 5 years held its initially conference under the line - the "spring tour" as the theme of womens new appreciation with the meeting, furthermore to professional catwalk models, the active site also invited the 30 Ming Ruili Ruili Network Star and 10 where shoppers Daren. Actually, through this new appreciation will, exactly where clients wanting to fashion to create "fans economy." Where the consumer up to people that Eslites community-based national marketing platform. In the platform, exactly where the client user self free open shops where shoppers come to be Daren (Vancl Star), exactly where shoppers items with all the release, if customer orders from the page with success, then this person can get up to where the consumer sales divided into up to 10%. The platform on March 18, 2011 formally launched early morning, now has a star program, original with the king, universal design and style and also other official events, as well as daily specials, all passengers visiting the theme channels, LOOKBOOK Daren magazine; also "clothing degrees "mobile client, according to the weather conditions that day recommended dress with Raiders; also by people having a picture of a brand new way to shop orders. At present, each and every guest who has covered China reached far more than 9


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