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05:50, Sep 16 2013

As of late 2012, Smith Barney costumes inventory of 20 million. In this regard, Smith Barney, vice president Linhai Zhou said that for garment enterprises, stocks might not be as low as you can. From the third quarter of this year, the organization ought to carry out all of the Direct retailers "repackage" the stores sales model is no longer presented for the public, but to ensure that customers really feel a new "experiential buying patterns." From last years Nanhui Cambridge, to this years North Bund workplace; participants from last year demanding verification procedures, this year only registered name can effortlessly admission. Yesterday, attended Smith Barney costumes (thematic reading) 2012 shareholders meeting of investor Ms Dong mentioned using a smile, all this adjust seems to come also quickly. Q & A session participants freely for up to two hours Gonghexinlu of Ms. Dong, who lives in Zhabei District, told reporters that in previous years, Smith Barneys shareholders meeting held in Cambridge in Nanhui, if you want to go for the meeting site on time, Ms from at least two hours in advance downtown, "Now the companys conference address moved downtown, which for most of our investors much more convenient." In addition, several participants final year for failing to carry identity documents which have been shut out phenomenon, Smith Barney in yesterdays general meeting would cease to exist. "I was just at the entrance of the building registered personal name, the staff did not even ask to see the shareholder account, I entered the venue." Investors Wang as saying. March 21, 9:00, East Daming Road No. 588, G building, a venue that can accommodate hundreds of people, already packed. Among them, mostly from the brokerage and institutional researchers, shortness of loud banging the keyboard is not difficult to see that the companys future development is still subject to brokerage firms and institutional attention. From 9:30 to 11:15, lasted nearly two hours of interaction links, even more so in the presence of the participants remember the scene with investors say it is not so much a companys annual report, but rather that this is a freely interactive exchange investors. New high proportion of future inventory push "experiential buying patterns" in yesterdays annual shareholder meeting, Smith Barneys high inventory problem remains a hot topic for investors. Report shows that as of the end of 2012, Smith Barney costumes inventory of 20 million. In this regard, Smith Barney, vice president Linhai Zhou said that for garment enterprises, stocks may not be as low as you can. "2012 has been optimized inventory, as of now, the companys inventory has been reduced to 1.8 billion yuan." Linhai Zhou also stressed that in the companys stock in the product structure, the proportion of new products accounted for most of this year, the corporation will continue to optimize the inventory and encourage franchisees combined with reasonable inventory ordering, I believe that the companys stock will increasingly tend to be reasonable. In the face of the organization listed on the past five years, the first decline of the phenomenon results, Smith Barney, chairman Zhou Jian said at yesterdays meeting, in 2012 the entire domestic apparel industry are subject to a macroeconomic impact, and the pace of development over the company a few years ago fast, resulting in slower performance of the corporation final year. "But we have for the future business strategy to make adjustments, in the third quarter of this year, the business will need to carry out all the Direct stores" repackage "the shops sales model is no longer presented to the public, but to let buyers experience a kind of new "experiential buying patterns." It is understood that our retailers through lighting, sound, furnishings and other innovative designs to attract more consumer groups, and Smith Barney located on Nanjing Road flagship store will be the first renovation shops.


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