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18:40, Jul 17 2014

Got a question on rule clarification, comments on rule enforcements or some memorable NHL stories? Kerry wants to answer your emails at cmonref@tsn.ca. Hey Kerry, Ill keep this short and sweet as Im sure Toronto fans will be flooding your inbox, but last night Dion Phaneuf was given a tripping penalty on a player who was offside. Why was he penalized? The opponent was offside and the whistle would/should have been blown just before the trip. Thanks,John --- Phaneuf for tripping - why was this a penalty? Was it because the trip happened before the linesman blew the whistle dead? I thought that the linesman blew the whistle and the trip happened after the whistle. Randy Carlyle seemed to accept the refs explanation. Regards,Dallas --- Watched the Leafs beat Phoenix - wondering about Dions penalty for tripping after the play was called offside? How is this even possible to get an in-game penalty outside of the game play? If anything, shouldnt it have been called unsportsmanlike conduct, which he would have gotten had he gone up to someone and tripped them outside of game play? Justin John, Dallas and Justin:Infractions that occur simultaneously with or after a stoppage are typically penalized as though play was actually in progress. I could offer many examples where penalties have been assessed during a stoppage in play including just prior to a puck drop when players are lined up for a faceoff. The rules are applied whether the game clock is running or not. However, rule 57 (tripping) is very specific in stating, "Accidental trips which occur simultaneously with a completed play will not be penalized. Accidental trips occurring simultaneously with or after a stoppage of play will not be penalized." The optimum word in the rule is "accidental." This is intended to allow the referee to exercise common sense and sound judgment in determining that a trip occurring simultaneously with or after a stoppage would have absolutely no bearing on the play. If however, a tripping infraction in the opinion of the referee caused an attacking player from cleanly entering the zone and therefore resulted in an offside at the blue line then the trip would in fact have a bearing on the play and a penalty would be assessed. It was a bang-bang play last night when Mike Ribeiro pulled the puck back and made a shift just ahead of the blue line to avoid a Dion Phaneuf check. Ribeiros move delayed the puck from crossing the line and caused David Moss to jump offside on the right wing. Phaneuf then stuck his stick in the feet of Ribeiro causing the Coyote to trip after the offside infraction had been committed and but a split second before the linesmans whistle sounded. As a result, there should have been no penalty assessed to Dion Phaneuf on the play. The wide camera shot demonstrates that both referees immediately reacted to the trip by raising their arms. The referee in the neutral zone can be seen giving a wash-out signal because once the linesman blew his whistle he realized the play was offside at the blue line. The other referee that made the call from deep inside the Leafs end zone and on the opposite side to where trip had occurred did not pull back on his first reaction to the trip and assessed the penalty. From his position, the ref inside the zone must have deemed that the trip caused the offside and the blue line and therefore should be penalized. I had a similar play one game in Los Angeles when Terry Murray was coaching the Kings. A King forward carried the puck across the attacking blue line. While the referee doesnt usually pay close attention when an attacking team crosses the blue line I had a quick sense that this entry looked offside but no whistle resulted. The attacker continued to carry the puck a good fifteen feet inside the zone when a defender tripped the King puck carrier. I raised my arm and as I blew my whistle I heard the sound of the linesmans whistle being blown simultaneously with mine. I approached the linesman and asked what had happened. He said the play was offside and he was slow in blowing the whistle; 15 feet slow! There was no way that I was going to penalize a team for a trip that had no bearing on the play as a result of an offside that should have been blown down well in advance of the trip. Problem was Terry Murray, the players on both teams and close to 20,000 people saw me raise my arm to call the obvious trip! I communicated my decision and reasons not to assess the penalty to Murray. In spite of Terrys protest that I couldnt take away a penalty that everyone in the building saw me call my final decision stood. My last comment to Terry at the Kings bench was that in the NFL it would be announced as an "errant flag". On this night in the Staples Center he could consider it as an "errant arm"! I skated over to the penalty box, clicked on my microphone and make the official announcement, "There was no penalty on the play as a result of the offside at the blue line." The linesman quickly dropped the puck in the neutral zone and it was "game on." Common sense and sound judgment prevailed. wholesale nfl jerseys . The two men started about 30 seconds ahead of the pack on the cross-country leg and never looked to be in trouble. They exchanged places several times before Frenzel broke away about 300 metres from the finish to win by 4. wholesale jerseys . According to some observers, the 102-90 victory over the hapless, short-handed Milwaukee Bucks didnt rate because the expected lopsided blowout didnt materialize. http://www.cheapjerseysnflchina.us/. The 33-year-old Butler, from Racine, Wis., made 13 starts and appeared in 34 games this season, averaging 11.0 points, 4. cheap jerseys from china . Viewers in the Jets region can watch the game live on TSN Jets at 6pm ct/7pm et. You can listen to the game on TSN 1290 Radio at 6:30pm ct. The Jets were mired in a four-game losing streak before beginning their current stretch of six straight on the road. cheap nfl jerseys . The spectacular Oct. 6 goal at B.C. Place saw Camilo launch himself into the air to get a boot to Young-Pyo Lees cross before hammering it home. The 78th-minute goal, Camilos second of the night, beat Donovan Ricketts, recently named MLS goalie of the year, and tied the game at 2-2.Got a question on rule clarification, comments on rule enforcements or some memorable NHL stories? Kerry wants to answer your emails at cmonref@tsn.ca! Hey Kerry, The Emery-Holtby debacle. Whats your take on the ref giving up on his (half-hearted?) intervention between the two? It was quite obvious Holtby had no interest in the fight. Not only that, while Holtby is still trying to get away, with his back to Emery and Emery raining blows to the back of Holtbys head, the ref waves off anyone who might be coming to intervene. It obviously looks bad for Emery, but I have to question the refs actions on this one as well. Eric Stone --- Hey Kerry, Im sure youre getting a lot of e-mails and attention in regards to the brawl between the Philadelphia Flyers and Washington Capitals. My question to you is in regards to the referee François St Laurent. How and why did he allow that one-sided "fight" go on for such a long duration? It actually became uncomfortable to watch. Did he actually follow protocol? Or should he had intervened? Thanks!TC --- Hi Kerry, love your column and appreciate your contribution over your long career as NHL referee. Id like to set aside the fighting debate here and ask: Under the current rules and regulations, would you defend the refereeing in the Flyers/Capitals game on Nov 1? In particular, Im focused on the ref (right next to the fight) allowing Ray Emery to pummel an unwilling Holtby even after he was in a defenseless position. Id be curious to know your thoughts and what youd have done differently? Thanks,Matt --- Hey Kerry, I dont think I need to elaborate on the absolute insanity that was the Capitals/Flyers line brawl on Nov 1st, 2013. But what in the name of all the hockey gods was referee Francois St. Laurent doing by allowing Ray Emery to just pound on an unwilling and defenseless Braden Holtby? I understand that he probably didnt want to get hit by Emery (I wouldnt either) but he was even preventing Holtbys teammates from coming to his defense while Emery perpetrated what I cant even call a fight, but only call assault. I think I understand the third man in rule, and that St. Laurent was threatening the Caps with that, but wasnt there something else St. Laurent could have done instead of letting Emery just violate Holtby? Cmon Ref! Rama Sriharsha,Orillia, ON. --- Hi Kerry, During the Philly-Washington game Emery skated the length of the ice and went after Holtby. From watching the replay it was obvious that Holtby did not want to fight BUT was force to defend himself. What are the responsibilities of the referees when a player (Holtby) cant defend himself in a fight?The referee (No. 3 allowed Emery to repeatedly strike (Holtby) in the back of the head. The NHL is concerned about concussions to player, injuries to the brain and the NHL has created rule to help protect the players. What if any responsibilities does the NHL have in addressing the actions of the referee (#3 on how he handled the Emery-Holtby fight. If so why arent the public informed of these corrective actions?Jeffrey KallesWhitehorse, Yukon --- Hi Kerry, Im sure your InBox is full of questions about Fridays Caps/Flyers game, but Im adding another one. To me, a suspension for Ray Emery is a given, but Im curious about any possible discipline for the referee and linesmen who allowed the fight to continue. It was obvious that Holtby wanted no part of the fight and that Emery was the clear winner. Why didnt any of the officials break it up after Holtby was defenceless and Emery continued to throw punches? It looked like several Caps players wanted to step in and help Holtby, and I understand why they were waved off, but why didnt the officials step in at that point and stop it? Can the officials face discipline for allowing a one-sided fight with an unwilling opponent to continue? Thanks! Amie Anderson Dear All: (The list is too long to mention you all by name): CMon Refs InBox is overflowing with questions surrounding "Sugar Ray" Emerys unanimous decision (just short of a knockout) over Braden Holtby. If this happened in the ring I am confident the Referee would have stopped the bout when Holtby was on the ropes, no longer able to defend himself and as the back of his head was being used as a speed bag. The same response should have been implemented by the Ref on the ice. Score one for the proponents of old-time hockey; but for many a "black eye" to the game and whomever was responsible for selecting enforcer/goalkeeper, Ray Emery the third start of the game with stats of 4 goals against on 15 shots (11 saves) and 29 PIMs in 22:47 just minutes played! So long as fighting is allowed to remain in the game of hockey and punishable under the rules with a five-minute major penalty; an additional minor and misconduct when an instigator is identified; or up to and including a game misconduct imposed to an aggressor (all of which Ray Emery incurred), line brawls and incidents such as this can and will occur. Lets first remember there were three other fights that erupted during this stoppage of play beyond Ray Emery charging the length of the ice to engage Braden Holtby; (Wayne Simmonds vs. Tom Wilson; Braydon Shenn vs. Alexander Urbom; Vincent Lecavalier vs. Steve Oleksy). Once all the fights got rolling and we do the math there were a total of eight fighters and four officials to attempt to break them up. Linesmen are instructed to remain wiith the original combatants (Simmonds and Wilson) and enter a fight as a two-man unit so as not to give one player a free hand or advantage over another.dddddddddddd Their job was to get those original fights to the penalty box as quickly as possible and move on to the next most aggressive fight in progress. In theory, the Referees first job is to clear the area of a fight by waving all players to their respective benches or at the very least to separate and assume a location well away from the altercation (Rule 46.18 - $1,000 fine to the team and $1,000 fine to the coach for players failing to clear the area). Refs are also responsible for assessing the penalties so they must watch for various infractions that could result during a fight such as third-man-in, improper jersey tie-downs, head butt, eye gouging, scratching, biting, tape on hands, etc.) Once multiple fights take place these responsibilities are not cast aside but must mesh with the overriding decision for the Ref(s) to intervene in an attempt to prevent a fight or jump in if a player is in jeopardy. That is the exact position that Referee Francois St. Laurent found himself in once he became aware that Emery had charged up the ice and was challenging an unwilling fight participant in Braden Holtby. With all that was going on at the time the Referee appeared to be unaware of Emerys charge and as a result of this lack of awareness was slow to place himself in a good frontal position to intercept Emery. From a weak position to the side of the two goalies and with one hand and poor leverage St. Laurant could not adequately contain Ray Emery and the fight began. Since Braden Holtby was not a willing combatant I would have been much more assertive and aggressive in gaining a position in front of Emery, placed both hands on his outer arms and flexed my knees to gain a position of leverage and strength. It is extremely important for a Ref who places himself in this position to talk Ray Emery down so that the player does not respond with aggression toward the official. I would have said, "Ray, my friend, listen to me. Nothing good can happen for you here. I cannot and will not let you get past me. Well be in for a rough ride and you dont want to be physically aggressive with me because I would hate to see you get an automatic 20-game suspension!" With the death grip I would have placed on him, Ray Emery would know that I meant business. None of this happened, however, and Ray the former boxer launched a barrage of punches that hit the target. Once Emery quickly got the upper hand in this fight and Holtby was incapacitated I would have grabbed/tied up Emerys punching arm and slipped my chest and body in front of the Flyer fighter and skated him backward with my legs driving quickly and forcefully. I would immediately talk with the player to get his mind distracted and his adrenaline under control. At no time when a player was taking a severe beating would I stand on the sidelines and allow it to happen without intervening, nor would I waive players away from coming to the aid of their teammate that was placed in a position of peril. I would assess the appropriate penalties that resulted from a third-man-in. Some of you might suggest its easy for me to say these things while sitting in a chair in front of a keyboard. I can assure you there were too many times to count when I jumped into altercations during line brawls and bench clearings. I jumped on the back of players and became the top layer of a three person sandwich when one guy had his opponent down and was feeding him his lunch. I remained in this position until the linesmen arrived on the scene or I was able to talk some calm into the aggressor. I had the occasion to ride Chris Chelios halfway across the Madhouse On Madisons ice surface until I finally took him down from behind by his suspenders when the linesmen were busy elsewhere. In Boston Garden on May 4, 1988 during Game 2 of the Wales Conference Final between the Bruins and the Devils, I jumped into an altercation between Moe Lemay and John MacLean to assist linesman Ron Huck Finn. Our partner Gerard Gauthier was tied up with Bruin Willie Plett and Perry Anderson of the Devils at the time and unavailable. I moved around Lemay to tie him up just as John McLean unloaded his best shot with a left hand from over the top that caught me right between the eyes. It staggered me momentarily but also fired me up so much I skated Lemay out of the altercation and straight to the penalty box. My timing wasnt great but the end result was; Huck and I quickly broke up the fight as MacLean received 14 minutes in penalties and Lemay 17. Fortunately for me, MacLean had the soft hands of a scorer and not those of a puncher! Finally on April 25, 2006 in the Eastern Conference quarterfinal in Tampa between the Lightning and Ottawa Senators, Vinny Lecavalier made the poor decision to start a secondary fight with Zdeno Chara. As "Big Z" had Vinnie on his back and ready to do some damage I dove into the altercation, covered Lecavaliers face with my body and shoved "Z" off. When Chara attempted to return I gave him the finger point and warned him of a suspension. Until the NHL and NHLPA agree to change the fighting rule to conform with the IIHF, NCAA College Hockey and other leagues, player safety will remain in the hands of the Linesmen and on occasion the Referees to know when and how to intervene in a fight. Engaging in a fight is about only time a player can pound his opponent in the head and not fear the threat of a suspension; even if his opponent is an unwilling combatant. ' ' '

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