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06:21, Dec 11 2014

Peng.Peng.Peng..The gun muzzle of heavy machine gun before spew out big slice of spark, the bullet rows an a way aureate straight line, shot into under of jeep.
Cheap oakley sunglasses outlet a surprised, toward how can roaring a way, crouch down..
But still night one step.The scorching hot bullet tees off one big slice of spark in the metal car top of jeep oakley sunglasses outlet fastness and accompany with a blood four splash.
Sum.How can and painfully and lightly huming is a , gray fog in the eye annoys one Kui and changed a little bit drearily some, a hand Wu lives his/her own shoulder, the blood continuously overflowed out.
This bullet directly broked off her shoulder bone, while this hand is just the arm that she holds to attack by surprise a rifle.
Come down quickly, how can...The cheap oakley sunglasses outlet for men online sale looking at there is still not enough roadblock of 50 meters in front, in the mind a hasty, not from face upward toward the top half still just the car take over how can to roar loud a way.
How can bit to bite a silver tooth, heavily attacked by surprise a rifle to hand over that in another intact slender palm, difficulties of raised it.
On the black eagle helicopter, the pilot of machine head position is also wildly roaring.
Bastard operate that machine gun quickly..
The soldier's horrifying dead-like in shape in a short time that before operates a heavy machine gun frightenned several well-known scholar soldiers in the passenger compartment and listenned to this sentence, they responded to come over.
A soldier's arrows treads hurtle past, the hands grasp the operation pole of machine gun rear and dropped the gun muzzle cheap oakley sunglasses of that black hole hole to turn to come over, for use by the military jeep aimed umncnmuc1 at to speed crazily under, lead again for the most 34 seconds, they can break through to blockade line.
Ping Long tooks a look to play a drum inside of last on exploding Gao a warhead, soldier again appear toward the passenger compartment on the side, button up next trigger.
Peng..The bullet of pillar-like in shape bulky and blood-red color warhead bombed toward that soldier past.
The bullet is a terrible of breaking and getting empty point roar, in a twinkling arrived that soldier of before the body.
But even now, the side fuselage of that airplane has no one Yang of omen, the bullet wipes a huge propeller blade oakley outlet to fly to afar.,
But that huge bullet brush past the split second of that soldier's forehead, that soldier feels skin of head hemp, an air conditioner spread into a brain from the vertebrate bone and let his whole body one Zhan.The death breathing in that time, be apart from he only has one step of Yao.

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20:12, Dec 23 2014

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21:13, Mar 08 2018

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20:37, May 13 2018

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