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Floors are advised to do to warm the floor

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02:18, Apr 23 2015

Into September, the traditional decoration of gold along with the advent of the season, home improvement building materials market began full force. It is understood that the recent weekends, there are many people active in the size of the building materials market, began to buy building materials, furniture, home decoration ready. However, continued intense competition for the building materials market, there are industry experts remind the general public, in the purchase of building materials,house with roof deck balcony exterior design home improvement, be sure to shop around, be careful to avoid being cheated of some bad building materials businesses. To this end, industry experts also point out several traps for the general public to deceive consumers and bad business settings, so as not to be deceived.

Trap one: Tile steal for rating deceive Not long ago, Ms. Wang in Baiyun district building materials wholesale purchase of more than 60 square meters of ceramic floor tiles, businesses committed to its products as superior products. After the freight home, Ms. Wang did not immediately open the package carefully examined. I did not expect two days after opening the package, such as workers prepare paving, only to find that the sample vary greatly, there are obvious tile surface color, size is not very unified, better diagonal brick there was a discrepancy. Clearly, businesses in the sales process, with a level difference of defective goods sold instead of Excellence Wang. OK tutor Road This phenomenon, Dongpenginstalling railing on sloped concrete slabMona Lisa and other brands the person in charge, store the samples placed superior products, quality products, sales process quietly qualified, inferior products sold to customers of the phenomenon is more common in the current tile industry Consumers need to do is be vigilant, when businesses will deliver the goods, open the box to check the need for timely, consistent sent samples to see whether the selected product and store;

we must allow merchants issued a formal invoice payment, in stated on the invoice, the word qualified superior products, in order to solve quality problems; the best known brands to buy reputable, Do not believe just discount business, they tend to put the original price 60 yuan / piece of product labeled as 160 yuan / block sales,outdoor anti-fungus floor Malaysia even though 50% discount, the customer may not be cost-effective. Trap II: precious wood species may be false In the wood flooring market, solid wood flooring has been elegant and comfortable foot feeling with a large number of loyal consumer base, however, some greedy merchants often shoddy and earn high profits.

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