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Floor disease self Raiders season

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19:34, May 10 2015

Yesterday, 2:00, tropical storm this year, No. 7, "The Seagull" has weakened into a tropical depression and from Rudong sea, away from Shanghai. 6:00 yesterday morning, the city lifted the tropical storm warning and a typhoon warning signal blue previously published. According to meteorological experts predicted that the next five days, the city will once again turn controlled by the subtropical high, turn appear high temperatures above 35 ��, extreme high temperature up to 37 �� to 38 ��.?Meteorological department said that after the "Seagull", the latter part of this month, there might be a tropical cyclone, the next typhoon will soon appear. Tomorrow is the Great Heat season, seasonal cycle into the hottest time of the year. In general, the Great Heat throttle is the most sunshine a year, the highest temperature of the period, both the most abundant rain, thunderstorms most common,how to make a curving patio above 30 �� high temperature days most concentrated period, temperatures above 35 �� is the most frequent period. Great Heat is the highest temperature throughout the year, yang height of the season, often "Winter Disease" in health care claims, hot weather cooling is the most important health! But everyone knows in the home maintenance, the summer is also an important season. Some users home flooring use less than two or three years, we need a new one the floor.

And some friends home wooden floor coverings seven, eight years later, still bright as new. Such a large gap, what is the reason? "Three seven pavement maintenance", enter summer, the sky hot, unbearably hot, and maintenance of wood flooring has become more important. Since the weather is hot, the water inside the timber is easy to evaporate, causing volume shrinkage occurs floor, and even floor mosaic at the gap widening, even worse, will make the tongue and groove out and cracking. Balcony or window near the edge of the floor was after sun exposure, often away from the seam, paint blistering, discoloration, and even detachment. There is also a summer floor can not be ignored "killer" -framing materials for decks using composite decking wet weather in July and August was a typical rainy season, thunderstorms will come from time to time. In this damp weather, wood flooring very easy expansion, deformation, bagging.While sunshine, while rain; too wet, too dry ...... unpredictable summer weather, often play at something "a little temper," then this summer, we should be how to conduct home flooring sun, moisture maintenance it?

These producers from Germany, Belgium and China Taiwan to introduce advanced processing equipment and assembly line floor, focus on technological innovation, talent introduction, channel development and brand awareness, especially technological innovation as a marketing weapon and in new product development and patent ownership on unique, not only the leading companies and brands like Shanghai, but also lead the country counterparts. According to reports, Shanghai Jiale US-Wood Co. green fencing and eco friendlyhired a Belgian product designer and Germany advanced quality control experts in China to launch the implementation of the first surface after pouring paint roller technology, to improve the wear resistance above the floor five times better than international; WORKER said, referring to Shanghai solid wood flooring in the leading enterprises, Shanghai Jiale US-Wood Co., Ltd., Shanghai Hongxing Building Materials Co., Ltd. Shanghai Huajing floor, Hai-Kun Hao Wood Co., Ltd., Shanghai good power-Wood Ltd. and scholarly ground (Shanghai) Wood Co., Ltd. is undoubtedly one of the best.

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