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Antique wood flooring how to choose?

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02:24, May 20 2015

Surface antique wood flooring is an art form to a classic style of wood flooring through special processing. Antique wood flooring rough, thick, unique, to maximize the retention of the natural flavor of wood.
Antique wood flooring in line to return to nature but also demonstrates the unique charm of personality, has been gradually accepted by consumers, especially for your decor requires individual differences are more sought after groups. Antique wood flooring solid wood flooring has become a new bright spot in home use. In the face of many floor to launch the uneven quality of antique wood floors, how consumers should identify how to purchase it?
Test: Consumers can take a one-dollar coin scratch the floor surface, if it is good quality, face paint and primer good adhesion, the surface almost undamaged. The poor quality of the floor surface will be from the powder, and even depression.
Look: concavity of antique wood floors, look at each piece of board "black side", such as craft good, its higher level of treatment, "black side" will be smaller. Look at the surface of the floor is what species do substrate surface layer thickness is much, can distinguish their quality.
Consumers can take a sample of several brands of antique wood floor flooring (color close) were compared: ratio. Compare its gloss and feel, plus shave test mentioned above, the product is good or bad they will automatically appear. Moisture Measurement: purchase 8x8 lumber post. Therefore, businesses should consult before buying location equilibrium moisture content, moisture content is generally between 8% to 13%, when consumers buy need to buy a suitable local moisture content of flooring and related products.
Such as American red oak antique wood flooring Design options: divide by color, antique floor there are dark and light, according to the process to points, there are three-dimensional and brushed antique antique series. Therefore, choose a color and processes, to a large extent define the decoration style of direction.
However, many consumers in the purchase of the floor, in the pursuit of unity, tend to buy a single species or a single color of the floor. But antique floor with distinctive known, consumers can choose according to build lattice deck railing. Such as the child's bedroom, you can choose the color bright floor, deep in the study can choose the color of the floor thick.

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