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how to Win competition in the market

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18:14, May 20 2015

This reporter recently visited the various wood flooring brands understand that in the face of market downturn and fierce competition, some well-known brands began in the service force. Competition spawned war service Henan Shengda Industry Co., Ltd., general manager of Hong Yuan admitted that in addition to the upper reaches of the affected real estate industry this year, the development of wood floor also met two other difficulties, "First, the current international economic situation makes wood exports were hit, Wood floor general operational difficulties encountered, followed by the issue of raw materials for the entire wood floor is concerned, more competitive, industry reshuffle continue to accelerate. " Pei Kaifeng general manager living at home Baroque floor analysis, sit and wait for death is better to find a way to break out of wood flooring manufacturers realized that the crisis has begun to seek change,Fireproof wood Plastic Decking who can pull out "Nitui" from the price war, to brand, service to win, who will be able to go further in future market competition. Reporters in Phoenix sales floor area to see some well-known brands have wooden flooring new marketing thrust, the new service. For example, the nature of the floor launched the "Golden nanny service" SITA floor launched extended warranty service, the World Friends of the floor launched the "Golden carpenter services".

The most favored businessmen is "a 1-year warranty extended to 3 years", "wood floor service hotline", "0 Pavement loss" of after-sales value-added services. "Previously, the flooring market over-expansion led to disorderly competition between brands, good and bad of the brand and quality vary widely divergent leaving consumers seriously affected consumer confidence in the market. Market service war started,white plastic fence that looks beautiful more conducive to big brands growth. "Nature Flooring, general manager of Henan, said the company niehuxiao, wood product homogeneity more and more serious, how to Win competition in the market, how to stand out in a number of brands, in fact, the service gives the entire industry a war good answer.

Consumers: fear manufacturers take service as a gimmick "Businesses are to extend the warranty period and other new services for our customers, it is a good thing. After all, the floor belongs to consumer durables, the original one-year warranty period a little short, extended to 3 years .'0 pavement quite reasonable wear and tear ' but also to avoid the loss of business by the name of more than increase costs to consumers. value-added services, "ready to purchase wood flooring citizen Mr. Qu for businesses to provide very welcome. But there are consumers worried, before buying the floor a quality problem, Composite Decking Material Reviewfear is even ignored perfunctory floor businesses. Now strengthen after-sales support is a good thing, but afraid of businesses just take service slogan when gimmick "flicker" people.

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