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Floor characteristics of the road

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01:35, Aug 11 2015

Now, along with the development of the flooring industry matures, business development direction of the floor gradually multivariate up. Whether it is the transformation and upgrading, the combination is also to widen the channel or channel sink, the moment of flooring companies have not adjusted to the situation would be difficult to survive. On the floor of the current market, companies how to face up to the market chaos? And what to do out countermeasures? Flooring companies need to go out of their way Features Now, many companies realize the importance of personalized products,commercial grade exterior wall cladding features, today's floor market is in the diversified development of the times, as long as the development in their own areas of expertise, and then wait until the strength to grow properly stretched, this It is king flooring company long-term development. Now many companies are faced with in the development of such errors, in no hurry to master the core technology for imitation, the results produced what has become a grotesque, sold affect the brand image, do not sell yourself suffer. Currently, many companies have felt the floor profiteering era has passed, compared to the previous market, the marginal profit in the offing.

As market competition intensifies, flooring corporate profit margins are constantly being compressed. At the same time, with the idea of ??becoming more rational consumer spending, part of the floor opportunistic approach to development companies can not adapt to the current market, which spur flooring business must make a deal with the market situation for the moment. In the era of meager profit, flooring company only starting from the consumer, in order to achieve more satisfactory development effectiveness. Flooring business development for an emphasis on the significance of brand building Right now a lot of small furniture brands have felt today's increasingly complex market, and even the most good-tested price war in the furniture market also play no more, even sad develop some cottage manufacturers, the cheaper stuff, no more sales, sometimes all the price of cabbage, but no one cares. Is this how it all about children?

Consumer demand was there, the market cake is so big, he did not eat his mouth, then ran gone? Now with the changing times and the development of awareness of consumer spending, fewer and fewer consumers look at price,vinyl railing clean and protect brand and quality, popular and artistic attention more and more consumers, you know, today's consumer culture the rapid increase in the level, coupled with waves of the Internet age, the brand's influence has been growing, so only out of a flooring business has their own path of development characteristics, duck before the development in the market.

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17:41, Oct 21 2015

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