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Power Dekor enjoy quality plan

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Joined: Apr 21 2015
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21:08, Aug 15 2015

2014 315 Consumer Rights Day was first "New Consumer Law" was born after the widespread concern that consumers will regard quality, integrity, fair trade, etc. from the "New Consumer Law" can bring consumers a new consumer rights and consumer protection, and therefore by the international "New Consumer Law" of birth Power Dekor Group standards, "New Consumer Law" quality of integrity, commitment really none Huimin real force. Release enjoy quality plan, demands standardized services, to better highlight the strength of enterprises. Dekor and China Consumer Associationclading on exterior walls cape town published the "2014 China laminate flooring consumer guidance", "2014 China parquet consumer guide" content based on the new "Consumer Law" as a clue to the vast number of consumers show flooring category Advantages and 14 years of product trends and value points. Launched the "China Quality News" magazine wooden floors, doors, cabinets Dekor business magazine.

Demand for display products, display quality and integrity of results. Power Dekor Group produced 3.15 provides activities relating to websites, mobile sites, micro-channel platform and design consumer activity participation entrance. 3.15 In addition to the activities and demonstrate the quality of integrity, but also simultaneously launched the "I Am a Singer" promotion quiz, orders to shoot to win prizes, raffle and a series of orders for large events. Dekor champion launched a comprehensive quality experience, the Gold upgrade, Sheng Hui promotion program. Quality and integrity of the tree example, join Hunan TV, "I Am a Singer" program to build concerned about the quality, attention to consumer interests, together with the singer to show the strength of the brand action. The first quarter of 2014, Power Dekor Group sponsored Hunan Satellite famous TV show "I Am a Singer," in the second quarter, when "I Am a Singer," the final stage of the championship.

With the "I Am a Singer," the appeal and influence, the group became the "I Am a Singer" below the line brand partners, during the whole year 2014 the use of "I Am a Singer" column brand, logo, singer stills and Dekor brand site implanted scene. We "won sing, to break through the ultimate acclaim, promotion season" as keywords, accompanied by singers who cut the road for clues about the nature of these singers of our productsaffordable composite fence panels and brand concept show. Dekor 3.15 also around quality breakthrough, breakthrough value, integrity and launched a series of breakthroughs to market and consumer activities to social benefits for the first, the principle of corporate resources help launch new series in 2014: using the highest standard of health products, using a number patented technology products, has a unique level of product innovation.

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