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timber products from Russia

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20:32, Aug 23 2015

Some enterprises in China need to import logs and timber products from Russia, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea, and these suppliers in many countries there is illegal logging, therefore, Europe's wood "ID" requirement may be make some furniture companies missed orders. The regulations of different countries, it is difficult to prove the legality of timber sources, the origin of some imported timber it is impossible to verify the source, which isreviews on white composite fence China's wood products export enterprises, especially small and medium wood products export enterprises will have a greater impact, even It might force them to withdraw from the European market. Zhanjiang in Guangdong, for example, in 2012, exports of wooden furniture Zhanjiang and other wood products total 4957 batch, the value of $ 330 million, and last year the value of exports batch and up 9.2% and 26.9% respectively.

Exports topped $ 300 million, of which, exports to the EU accounted for 19.2% of total exports of wood products in Zhanjiang. January Zhanjiang furniture exports amounted to $ 87.682 million, surged 1.2 times, but after the shock fall, to April exports of only $ 37,361,000. Zhanjiang furniture outlet is no reason why continue the good momentum in January, one important reason is that on March 3 this year, the EU enforce the new timber regulations requiring its furniture exports of raw materials must be FSC "identity card", to further improve the of China's wood products exports to the EU threshold. Fourth, the wood products export clearance severely affected. After the enforcement of the new EU directive, European customs in law enforcement may be imported wood products for more stringent checks, as in the original complex clearance process increased "due diligence" review the content, which is bound to increase exports of wood products clearance cost producers, is not conducive and convenient customs clearance, but also greatly enhanced the authority of China's exports to EU ports discretion wood products in Europe, taking its trade restrictions left a wide imagination.

Although the new directive would in the short term of wooden furniture exports to the EU have a significant negative impact on the industry, but in the long run, is a challenge and an opportunity, product specifications and new regulations to improve the quality of China's wood furniture export market will have benefits, Itremoving to reuse not only beneficial to the future development of China's wooden furniture industry, and can effectively regulate the market, the elimination of backward and not standardized for SMEs, promoting wood furniture industry to upgrade and enhance the quality of China's wood furniture industry export products, quality and international competitiveness.

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