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visited the flooring market

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20:51, Aug 24 2015

Floor as an important part of modern decoration, but also the largest part of the contact area of ??particular concern to consumers its environmental problems, but recently, the flooring industry's environmental problems frequently encountered Tucao, so many consumers trust the industry is gradually declining. Flooring industry now exists price chaos, management chaos, chaotic service and many other issues, but in recentexterior composite sheathing years the prevailing concept of re-decoration light decoration, flooring sales are expected to continue to rise, the recent results of the monitoring authority to the floor is also good, those to the floor industry development has brought opportunities .

Opaque bargain price depends on "a mouth" Our flooring industry has for some development history, and now in the mature stage of development, the product has been significantly improved environmental protection, quality, and other aspects of life, but the lack of service system has become an obstacle to development of the industry, there are still a lot of flooring market problem. Price confusion is a major focus has been Tucao consumers, it is understood, in the same floor mall brand, with the quality of a floor, the business of asking sometimes very different, the difference is even reach more than hundred. I visited the flooring market has encountered a similar situation, and asked the clerk why there is price difference, the high price of the business will give "better quality", "imported products" and explained, and claimed the stores offer low It "really runs, puerile," and said the quality gap between the floor price does not show as big as the key to see whether the customer will bargain.

Such price instability, opaque largely affected the consumer a sense of confidence to the floor during the purchase, this does not result in the loss of confidence on the floor of the market potential customers. Fudge fake label consumer chaos In addition to price instability, opaque outside, some businesses will be under various false flag Fudge consumers. As for the consumers are quite concerned about whether the product is environmentally friendly this point, some stores will just stick a few environmental certification mark on the floor and pretended to be a "green floor." In addition, some businesses showdemand of composite material in india floor, whether domestic product, or the so-called imported goods do not have any Chinese identity, the indicators are in English identity. If consumers do not take the initiative to ask, it is easy to put these floor all as a "foreign goods", and it is difficult to understand the contents. In fact, industry sources told the author, even if the imported goods, should also have Chinese identity. Service companies more "surgical" Service quality is uneven floor also hinder development of the industry, a major disadvantage.

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