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Brazil wood deck

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04:29, Aug 25 2015

Shun has been in Brazil for 20 years, only three years in Africa, I hope to African wood into China, to allow consumers to use. In addition, Brazil's timber is in the Amazon rain forest so plenty of places to grow up, and more African sand, wood is grown in hard ground conditions grow worse. Therefore, the advantages of wood grown in Africa is gritty,waterproof wpc boat floor high strength and hardness, tropical, boreal, winter, rainy day, are not affected and can be used under the geothermal environment, can be severe in the north, dry place, It can also be used at the beach humid place, which is the African Timber special performance. Sohu Reporter: Africa and Brazil as important to us is it? [Lu Weiguang]: the future of Africa is more of it, we have developed over 20 years in Brazil, there is a good foundation.

African markets are just opening up the economy, it is more the front of; the competition is even smaller, because Brazil has a very sound economic foundation of social development in Africa there is undone, so Chinese enterprises have more more opportunity to get the pot of gold in Africa. "Champion is none other than Africa and Brazil" Sohu Reporter: Finally, we return to the problem or soccer up, in addition to sponsoring the Jianlibao soccer star outside, you will come to promote the progress of Chinese football by what efforts? [Lu Weiguang]: Because 2014 is the World Cup, we are planning some young Chinese selection, personnel training echelon, not just on skills, as well as physical, on quality, on all kinds of knowledge and ability have been improved, comprehensive learning and training. Therefore, we plan to China some excellent seedling selection to the World Cup to learn from, and can the same as 20 years ago Jianlibao club to contact foreign quality systematic training, to enhance, let the players really feel the football culture, with head play, not just with their feet.

Sohu Reporter: Brazil 2014 World Cup draw just ended, what you think of the draw? For the World Cup next year, you predict which team will win? [Lu Weiguang]: Every country and every nation of the human desire is not the same, some people aggressive, and some fun, Brazilian feature - football is part of his life, but somewhat premade composite pool deckstechnical sense, happiness, unlike Some countries, we must win this game. I believe that in every World Cup Brazil all have big win condition. In 2014, Brazil is the host, felt at home in front of their own people should get the championship. I am very optimistic about the Brazilian team, I believe in 2014, none other than the non-Brazilian champions, because they have this condition and strength.

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