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Wood floor Workshop in china

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23:01, Aug 25 2015

can not be considered and "IKEA" Cooperation of Sweden, IKEA network in China a lot, and young people inside very good, can you put your furniture on the Swedish pine that which focus on the promotion, culture wooden structure in Sweden IKEA inside promotion, so that consumers understand the benefits of Swedish furniture, the furniture needed, the consumption of wood naturally open. You like wooden architecture, you can put some small model, the Swedish model of your wooden architecture toadjusting paddock fence promote, you can increase the general understanding of it. 4, not necessarily with the Swedish wood, Swedish companies can do, we come into contact with Swedish companies in Russia to buy a lot of woodland, but also exports to China, which is a good model, from Swedish company point of view, is a good mode.

Russia's use of resources, the use of advanced management concepts in Sweden, sales to China, so we can have great market. 5, there is a wood, do not know the Swedish export coniferous wood chips, wood volume in recent years, China is sharply rising, only 5% coniferous wood, Sweden production coniferous wood, I think can be a good development. There is wood pellets, China began to develop, Sweden and China can cooperate, China now to reduce coal consumption, it can be very good cooperation with the wood particles. Wherein like carbonized wood and floors, technical exchanges and cooperation can do some above. Well, I'll introduce so much, thank you, to waste our time. Moderator: Thank you, President Zhu wonderful speech, very, and the breadth and depth of speech. Just Zhu president explained to us what, in particular, to explain about the prospects for the majority of Sweden's guests of the Swedish market. He is a friend, he is realistic decades entrepreneurial experience confirms China is very, very large market and great potential for huge, let's invite Mr. Zhao Ruihai, he strongly among Scandinavian design style and in China Nordic products, "Chinese brand Scandinavian design", have requested Mr. Zhao.

Zhao Ruihai: Special thanks to Chairman Zhu. I think entertaining more interesting, let me, some of my feelings Nordic, I say the truth, this is the spot to catch, I would never do such a thing, big boy did not read PPT speak with people , think of what all that happened, nonsense, so I'm used to talk nonsense, so we have to understand, I'm on such a outdoor carpeting garage floor covering optionsstate, you have to let me seriously that I might tell, so with you simple use few reports about my idea, very pleased to have this opportunity to meet so when a friend, I heard such a wonderful self-report, so I was to learn, not to do the report, so we have a ride without a ride, there is a no one ear listening ear disorder, and I talk nonsense.

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