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shallow groove flooring

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03:36, Aug 27 2015

Furthermore, shallow groove flooring, step on the floor deep trench foot feeling much better than the floor of the mouth. Experts say correct, the depth of groove flooring production process problems are directly related to the link between the board and the board, as long as the floor buckled firmly floor groove depth is not a big problem. Now divided into the V-groove floor and groove U-shaped groove, advantages and disadvantages, can not beat him to death. Director of the National cheapest vinyl flooring in rsaArtificial Board Quality Inspection Center, Secretary-General of China Forestry Industry Association Flooring Committee Lu Bin Senior adviser to the Chinese Forestry Industry Association, Zhang forest Ken Dili Asia a decade's achievements highly recognized, and all my colleagues are willing to Dili Asia noted that home building materials industry, there is still much room for development, as long as good display and service terminal We can win the market.

Senior adviser to the Chinese Forestry Industry Association, Zhang forest Transformation Technology upgrade services cooperative and win-win future excellence Subsequently, Li, chairman of starfish were concluding remarks. First, Li starfish chairman for the current development situation flooring industry market analysis, pointed willing to Dili Asia has been able to in the flooring industry sales overall market downturn, sales increased year after year, constantly expanding production scale, bigger and bigger, is from the strong scientific and technological enterprises, willing to Dili Asia research, talent, capital, brands, channels and so gradually mature. 2014 e-commerce will increase investment, has been on the basis of achievements breakthrough business model innovation. Transformation of science and technology, upgrade services. Secondly, according to the eighth session of the Third Plenary policy situation, is willing to Dili Asia developed a new plan: 2014 will be a wholly owned subsidiary of Warren Buffett, "Shaw," the company to cooperate fully.

The next three years will invest 1.25 billion in PVC wood flooring project, to invite the industry's top professionals in more than 100, the formation of an independent R & D facility for PVC research and development, sampling, and in early 2014 launched a strong attack the market, due to the PVC wood Plastic floor decorative, environmental regeneration, wear-resistant, non-formaldehyde, waterproof anti-skid own advantages, we believe that in the near future, willing to Dili Asia PVC woodhow to make a flat roof modular deck flooring is bound to become a leader in the flooring industry. Finally, Li, chairman pointed out that a terminal in the world, winning the terminal. No brand is a virtual terminal, not the brand of the terminal is fragile. Upgrade services, extend to the sale. Collaborative excellence, seize the opportunity to win the world for the country's sub-dealers who are willing to Dili indicate the way forward.

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