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Sheet formaldehyde

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21:48, Aug 27 2015

Consumers buy a plate to pay attention, Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau recently sampling panel products, 38 batches failed. Among them, there are seven batches of substandard products in Dongguan, worryingly, there there are three batches of the product formaldehyde emission exceeded. Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau, the regular supervision, inspection involves Guangzhou, Dongguan and other 19 regions 199 production of 322 batches of panel products, were found in 38 batches of product failure. Failed projects involving thickness swelling, internal bond strength, bending strength, elastic modulus, formaldehyde emission, surface bonding strength, dipping peeling, bonding strength and film adhesion and the like.outdoor deck waterproof coatings 38 batches of substandard products, seven batches produced in Dongguan, including decorative veneer plywood, block board, plywood and particleboard. Among them, the Wood Co., Ltd., Dongguan City, continents this year on July 15 and July 10, respectively, produced a number of "continent Nabi" brand decorative veneered plywood, Dongguan Tongli Wood Co., Ltd. on July 23 this year, the production of a number of "KONE" brand decorative veneer wood-based panel of 3 batches of Dongguan production plywood, which failed due to "formaldehyde emission." The remaining four batches of substandard Dongguan production there is impregnated wood-based panels peeling performance, bonding strength, bending strength of non-compliance issues.

It is reported that, in accordance with relevant state regulations, the use of wood-based panels as standard furniture production base, is to control the basic wooden furniture formaldehyde emission compliance. The use of excessive formaldehyde emission of wood-based products out of wood furniture, it might endanger human health. Provincial Quality Supervision Bureau has instructed the relevant level listing Quality and Technical Supervision of the periodic supervision and inspection found substandard products and production enterprises according to law. To buy sheet See the third-party test report When consumers buy the plate, remember to apply to the dealer to produce authoritative test report corresponding third-party products to ensure product quality. View formaldehyde emission test reports and other physical and chemical indicators of whether mechanical strength reached the national standard, the product is qualified.

Quality inspection report on a regular sheet of formaldehyde emission rating are described.Mogan Huainan shop floor - non-formaldehyde floor display area Mogan Huainan shop floor - non-formaldehydedeck extensions for above ground round pools floor display area [Evaluation Summary] Mogan non-formaldehyde wood floor is multilayered flooring, natural maize glue, not only environmental health, slip resistant, and cost-effective. Imported core, ten layer structure criss-crossing, after 200-degree heat cycle test, stability, not easy to change type, bagging, cracking, suitable for floor heating, geothermal. Green is fashionable home, Mogan floor each with a device through the layers of experience and comprehensive use of new environmental technology, a floor is a Chinese cultural symbol of family health at home.

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