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Today's meeting everyone very hard

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00:35, Aug 31 2015

Leaders, experts, Hello, everyone afternoon! Today's meeting everyone very hard, at noon we delayed for a long time, but also very grateful to everyone in the afternoon has been meeting. The afternoon session is to summarize the main developments in the forest mechanism and further brainstorming, but face to face communication difficulties and recommendations on the new era facing enterprises. As you know, our index mechanism is built up in March composite bamboo decking2012, the beginning of the establishment is also very successfully embarked on publishing, pre-release and release conditions, but we also feel that we can be more how this index system well fit the market conditions, the industry and how companies make good use of this mechanism for decision-making, which is the two core issues. We feel among the national PMI index system is been very enthusiastic market response, there is the major site media do this before the pre-release publicity index, engage in all aspects of the promotion activities. We Forestry index system can not get such an effect, this is a problem of great concern to us.

Afternoon, we would like to carry out preparatory work and how to make good use of this system serve two questions first of all the decision-making Indicators Working Group Secretariat Dr. Luo Xinjian make a brief presentation, Dr Lo do the following, please report! Luo Xinjian: Dear Director Zhang, all the leaders, ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon! After all these efforts, the index mechanism has been running for 18 months, various aspects have had some impact, especially on the basis of various indicators of enterprise information liaison month also submitted data on our statistical analysis of some very valuable information, we believe that this information not only for our government decisions have a supporting role, in fact, some of our business decisions and investments have some reference value, here on behalf of my index mechanism of the Secretariat make a report to the General Assembly.

Turning first forest, not the industry people think that only happens in things in the forest, far away, in fact it is with our daily lives are closely related to our daily use of office paper, household paper, furniture, doors and windows are. Due to forest products and climate change are closely related, Resistant to erosion composite deckingclimate change has become a hot spot countries of the negotiations, the attention of international forest products trade will be high. Against this background of forest products trade is no longer simply a trade issue, it has become a national relations and diplomatic issues. This chart shows the support of Premier Wen Jiabao at the State Forestry Administration and the EU signed the relevant agreement.

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