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wood floors are the original

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22:42, Sep 13 2015

[Peng Yonghua]: First, the wood floors are the original ecology because it does not contain any substances like formaldehyde with benzene. Secondly, we have used a number of techniques to install above process, as we launch flooring installation, you can solve story problems. Because the average floor keel to use one hand to cause secondary pollution, it will lead to a second aspect of the wooden keel deforestation, resulting in a waste timber. Third, because saving the keel,make your own fence panels so the story above, added space. Therefore, while we proceed from the product, on the other hand from the installation to proceed to solve the pollution problem. Absolute professional status of leading solid wood flooring Sohu Reporter: Now, more and more companies began to join the ranks of the production floor to heat the floor, also tend to intense competition, how do you see the future of competition in this field?

[Peng Yonghua]: geothermal floor is our first developed to market, there are some companies began back in the follow up. In this area, the first performance is nothing more than competing products, and the second is a channel for the functioning of enterprises; third is cost-competitive aspects. Ultimately, or soft power with hard power issues. Corporate R & D capabilities, the late management can can not keep up, and so on. Shun technology in a number of product development and processing, has talent introduction associated. Including our two decades of experience in the bedding, foundation, these are relatively weak links to other companies. Competition pushed to the late run, who can go the long term, or problems with the service depends on management, including organizational structure, corporate culture, the development direction of the enterprise, the decision of this industry can not be long-term and lasting.

Sohu Reporter: competition from the market, the competition in this field should be said that has not yet fully of it? [Peng Yonghua]: There is not full of. Because after all, this is technical barriers to heat the wood - this is not a lot of small businesses to solve technical problems, she says. Secondly,bamboo composite decking many companies can not solve the supply problem with this resource. So, now it belongs to an emerging, there is a state of high-tech precision. Future structure should be the formation of large enterprise or dominant competitive enterprises, then some SMEs do a supplement, do a secondary pattern. Sohu Reporter: competition in the market to heat the floor, the Shun will be how to consolidate their brand image and dominance?


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02:46, Sep 17 2015

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