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Laminate flooring sampling failed

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18:12, Oct 28 2015

Excessive formaldehyde emission, surface wear non-compliance, has been wood floor ills. Especially in the field of laminate flooring, is particularly prominent. Chengdu Trade and Industry Bureau in 2015 in the second quarter of the professional building materials market within the jurisdiction of Chengdu, stores, small shops selling solid wood flooring and laminate flooring were quality sampling. Sampling results show that four companies of 8 batches of product failure. Among them, "Sheng Luona", "Red floor" and laminate flooring sampling failed. The sampling of substandard products, composite deck conditioning laminate flooring quality has once again become the hardest hit, while the much-maligned laminate flooring excessive formaldehyde emission and surface wear is not up to quality once again become the focus of attention.

Eight batches of laminate flooring was detected excessive formaldehyde emission, four batches was detected surface wear non-compliance. The sampling, Chengdu Industrial and Commercial Bureau commissioned Chengdu Product Quality Inspection Institute LLC for the seizure of laminate flooring moisture content, thickness swelling, wear-resistant surface, formaldehyde emission and other indicators have been tested; solid wood floor The moisture content, vinyl veranda decking film adhesion, film surface wear and other indicators have been tested. Sampling results showed that wood floors are all qualified, unqualified main problem is laminate flooring surface wear, formaldehyde emission do not meet national standards.

"Shengluo Na" and other eight batches of laminate flooring sampling failed Among them, three batches of nominal trademark "Sheng Luona" nominal production enterprises in Shanghai, a high-Wood (Shenyang) Co., Ltd. business unit of Chongzhou Chongyang Shengluo Na floor outlets and specifications are "1215 × 170 × 12 (mm) Household Ⅰ level E1 "," 1221 × 148 × 12 (mm) Household Ⅰ level E1 "," 808 × 148 × 12 (mm) Household Ⅰ level E1 ", how to build turtle landscape planter production date or lot are" 2014/6 / 20 "," 2015/3/19 "," 2015/1/1 "laminate flooring, because formaldehyde emission do not meet national standards is judged to be substandard products. Two batches of nominal trademark for "Red floor" nominal production enterprises in Suzhou Sanxiang Wood Co.

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00:50, Mar 06 2018

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