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Multiple composite materials and supporting

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03:04, Oct 29 2015

Directions Five: Multi composite materials and supporting In this first article, we have analyzed the characteristics of wood and wood-based panels each. Here I would like to explain two things, namely: First diversified use of materials is an inevitable trend, the other point is how to be more "intelligent" use of wood materials. In fact, furniture, timber is very broad, each material has its own unique advantages, but also will have its limitations. building composite wood outdoor furniture The correct approach is to apply a variety of materials to the most suitable for their products and the most suitable on their site. Board and wood, wood and plastic, wood and metal, wood and stone, wood and leather, all these, will be for us to open a wider world. Now the constraints, its roots are still deep production and manufacturing thinking, not out.

As to how "smart" use of wood, there are two considerations: First part is the product of ideology, the second is the effective recombination wood material. Once the realization of parts and components products, then many problems will lead solved. First, it can greatly enhance the level of industrialization, reduce costs and improve quality; but also for the application of multiple materials and lay a better foundation for mass customization. For example: a set of kitchen furniture,importance of wood work project the economy may be marble countertops, cabinets are wood-based panels, then change the style and visual perception changes as long as through the door can be easily achieved, and put on the door of melamine panels, MDF paint board door, vacuum classical style door, and all kinds of solid wood doors, stainless steel doors, the whole feeling is entirely different.

As we have said, a large flat timber made of very sensitive, require large panel member based panels have a unique advantage. But not only wood-based panel particleboard, medium density fiberboard and plywood board that the youngest, as well as block board, wood timber, wood laminated board, LVL, etc.,vinyl plank flooring clearance closeouts for all purposes of these plates is not only to improve the comprehensive utilization of timber, or In order to overcome the inherent shortcomings of wood, improve performance and increase the aesthetic effect. In this respect, Germany and the Nordic good mature technology, and a high degree of industrialization, in view of a variety of reasons, China's timber processing industry is also underdeveloped, there is still a long way to go.


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18:13, Nov 20 2015

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00:43, Mar 07 2018

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