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Three Cabinet consumption shady

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19:19, Nov 01 2015

Custom cabinets complex process, involving aspects of the process very much, consumers do not know enough, so in the process of custom cabinets can easily be deceived bad business. How to avoid the cupboard consumption shady, do a savvy consumers? Xiaobian together to learn about these three common pitfalls cupboard now!composite exterior wall sheathing products Trap one: low soliciting quotes Each store cupboard charges do not, as some businesses in the offer, in addition to the basin, stove and other equipment to be equipped by the consumers themselves, but already contains all other features, even the basket used rails, door handle and metal hinges are also included. And some manufacturers only reported cabinet basic offer, such as a drawer or do you want another by a factory-installed basin, will have additional charges, both of which vary widely.

Businesses with cabinet configuration after reduction, compared with others fully configured cabinet prices to win customers low offer, deliberately left by the invisible items, and then the actual installation exorbitant demands, consumers need to ask which projects offer contained in the contract states,anti slip deck for balconies in Bulgaria and strictly enforced. Trap II: Sheet fake and shoddy Dealer with discount this "killer" to attract consumers, but in fact the cabinet may materials "as people" or "Quejinduanliang." Cabinet is a complete industrial industry, machinery and workpiece quality can have a great impact on the production.

If local manufacturers, consumers may wish to view directly to the vendor, the manufacturer will get far only a small corner of the cabinet to the testing department testing. Trap three: large mesa post Cabinet table main material is natural stone (marble and granite) and artificial stone, install wpc over existing deck is generally recommended to use artificial stone, quartz stone is as natural stone has a radiation resistance, hardness as good as artificial stone. Current domestic artificial stone craft in different ways, the best man-made stone countertops cost more than 500 yuan a meter, made of artificial stone slightly lower cost from 200 to 300 yuan a meter, but the market price to a thousand dollars a meter.

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01:22, Mar 07 2018

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