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Like these companies

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23:29, Nov 01 2015

Like these companies, its business director, production supervisor is frequently replaced, the general staff is "Iron barracks of soldiers," the enterprise business production still booming, methodical, the reason is very simple, the data management system, the production model ceiling wall panels wood board look according to the flow of information, the real director is the boss, the boss in charge of dependence is not so strong. Most of the furniture industry is currently still is extensive management, the author of several software companies Cardiff furniture service over the years, in recent years, often listen furniture boss complained: A few years ago, companies in the feed material, rarely take the time to bargain, to control the quality of raw materials not so strict, companies also want to move on to recruit people to recruit, point to scrap old equipment, even then, companies still make money,

but now the furniture industry in this extensive mode of management, more and more difficult, raw material prices, labor wages are high, resulting in anti-dumping exports, domestic competitive pressure composite decking slope and market highly fragmented, big brands appear, operating costs are too high, thin profits, in order to reduce costs, feed raw material to shop around, bargaining, the device is able to use to use.

Thus, companies embark invisible fine management. In a customer-oriented buyer's market, companies need to do mainly products as the center, improve product quality, product has become increasingly diverse, more and more apparent homogeneity, consumer groups growing choice of products, furniture industry into the era of meager profit, furniture companies faced with decks for 30 foot above ground pools wpc decking product quality, service quality, extensive management increasingly exposed the shortcomings of traditional furniture enterprises have operating costs continue to climb, a serious decline in profits, furniture enterprises to win in the business, must be considered to reduce operating costs, improve management, to overcome all the attention to detail improvements out extensive management, to achieve fine management, furniture enterprises to Sunshine Boulevard.

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