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Household clothes Enterprise

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03:46, Nov 02 2015

Recently, Qu Mei Furniture officially changed its name to "Qu Mei home," the news quickly became the focus of attention from all sectors of the industry, and build OAO platform also attracted the attention of many people. OAO lines and lines under organic integration of integration "double shop" business model, how to make a bench with backrest out of wood effective online and offline resources to achieve interoperability, information connectivity and mutual appreciation. This is or will bring new business wardrobe Reflections on the channel. "O2O" and "OAO" so what similarities and differences? O2O (Online To Offline) that is the line to the next line, the core of which is the consumer line to go to the real store, which is to let users pay for goods and services online purchase offline after, to continue to enjoy the service line.

Let the Internet becomes the foreground offline transactions, such services can be Showmanship line by line, consumers can use the online screening service, the transaction can be settled online. OAO (Online And Offline), namely, the organic integration of offline and online integration "double shop" business model, online consumers can be guided to the line store consumer, the consumer may also be attracted offline store to online consumption,wood composite fencing panels in order to achieve interoperability of online and offline resources, information interconnection, mutual appreciation, it is the fourth generation of commercial entities trading patterns and standards.

Wardrobe enterprises to develop marketing new vision For OAO this new marketing model, some people think this is just a business taken quickly attract the attention of consumers speculation, but in any case, for the wardrobe enterprises, which can also be absorbed to a certain "nutrient" achieve marketing upgrade.wainscot panels in miami Based on the special properties of consumer durables, a wardrobe for a long period of use, but also determines whether the user in the process, design, quality, service and more rigorous standards, focusing only single solution can not meet the user pain points from a fundamental reality It needs.

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01:22, Mar 07 2018

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