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20:42, Nov 03 2015

Design Putting is the most precise aspect of the game of golf The putter must be designed to give the golfer every technical advantage including smooth stroke good glide sweet impact and bounce less topspin ball launch as well as every technique advantage including perfect fit as to shaft angle and length Putters usually have a loft of 5 but cannot be more than 10 The putter is the only club that may have a grip that is not perfectly round shield like cross sections with a flat top and curved underside are most common The putter is also the only club allowed to have a bent shaft often clubmakers will attach the shaft to the clubhead on the near edge for visibility but to increase stability the shaft is bent near the clubhead mounting so that its lie and the resulting clubhead position places the line of the straight part of the shaft at the sweet spot where the ball should be for the best putt This increases accuracy as the golfer can direct their swing through the ball without feeling like they are slightly behind it The design of the putter s clubhead has undergone radical change in the last 2030 years as have many club types The putter was originally a forged iron piece very similar in shape to the irons of the day Through attempts to lower the center of gravity of the clubhead it evolved into a shorter thicker head slightly curved from front to rear the so called hot dog putter The introduction of investment casting for club heads allowed drastically different shapes to be made far more easily and cheaply than with forging resulting in several design improvements First of all the majority of mass behind the clubface was placed as low as possible resulting in an L shaped side profile with a thin flat clubface and another thin block along the bottom of the club behind the face Additionally peripheral weighting or the placing of mass as far away from the center of the clubface as possible increases the moment of inertia of the clubhead reducing twisting if the club contacts the ball slightly off center and thus giving the club a larger sweet spot with which to contact the ball Newer innovations include replacing the metal at the sweet spot with a softer polymer compound that will give and rebound at impact which increases the peak impulse force per millisecond imparted to the ball for better distance Putters are subdivided into mallet peripheral weighted and blade styles Power adjustability and practice play convertibility are features embodied in the latest putter design technology Variations Long Shaft Putters Though most putters have a 32 35 shaft slightly shorter for most ladies and juniors longer for most men putters are also made with longer shaft lengths and grips and are designed to reduce the degrees of freedom allowed a player when he putts Simply the more joints that can easily bend or twist during the putting motion the more degrees of freedom a player has when putting which gives more flexibility and feel but can result in more inconsistent putts With a normal putter the player has six degrees of freedom hands wrists elbows shoulders waist and knees all of which can be moved just slightly to affect the path of the ball and likely prevent a putt from falling in the cup Such motions especially nervous uncontrollable motions are called yips and having a chronic case of the yips can ruin a golfer s short game German professional golfer Bernhard Langer is famous for having such a severe case that he once needed four putts to hole out from within three feet of the cup A belly putter is typically about 6 8 inches longer than a normal putter and is designed to be anchored against the stomach of the player This design reduces or removes the importance of the hands wrists elbows and shoulders A long putter is even longer and is designed to be anchored from the chest or even the chin and similarly reduces the impact of the hands wrists elbows and shoulders The disadvantages are decreased feel and control over putting power especially with the long putter Their use in professional tournaments is hotly contested Pro player John O Hara and others on the pro tours including Langer and Vijay Singh have used belly putters at some point with a marked improvement of their short game while players like Tiger Woods and officials like former USGA technical director Frank Thomas have condemned it as conferring an unfair advantage on users Chippers Another variation of the putter called the chipper has a similar look feel and general construction as a normal putter but with a much higher loft often 30 45 degrees It is used to lift the ball over or out of the rough or fringe and onto the green with a motion similar to a putt It can also be used for lagging a putt made on the green from long distance for the sole purpose of setting up the ball for an easier second putt A putter used for this purpose would require a harder stroke and the rough or fringe could affect accuracy A high angle wedge could have similar accuracy issues and could also damage the turf on such a shot if made carelessly However Author's Resource Box
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