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Steel doors market norms

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20:00, Nov 04 2015

in bought "near the famous" product users in 50.0% of the reason is that "counterfeit brand-name product design, quality is passable," and 33.3 percent said "spend cheap price you can have a" brand name "." From the survey results, "near the famous" market demand exists, there are still some consumers are willing to choose "Pong brand" and give up really famous. Analysis of the industry, really famous is expensive, the average consumer is difficult to do so; cheap fence panels free delivery the decoration is a specialized high requirement industries, difficult for consumers to visually distinguish gap "near the famous" between brand-name and really sell in the Purchasing Guide below, the "affordable" is the main reason for many consumers to accept another "near the famous" products.

Steel doors of the market need to strengthen norms Experts advise that consumers in the selection of products should polish his eyes, he refused knockoff, responsible for their own health. "First, we must carefully check the trademark on the packaging of goods, with particular attention to text, graphics trademark if there is a trap; exo friendly tasteless wood material secondly, to see the manufacturer; consumers not freeloaders, the price difference is too cheap 'designer' goods cut Do not buy. " Shoddy, counterfeit in violation of the well-known brand and consumer rights, is "near the famous" common knockoff, and its essence is to steal the results of others made in brand building, something for nothing.

Only at the same time in a more standardized laws and regulations and the implementation of more effective combat force "near the famous" behavior, and guide consumers to establish a correct view of consumption, increase ability to identify, consciously resist the knockoff, so as to establish a more orderly market economy order to allow a "free-ride" for the survival of "parasites" parasitic nowhere. Steel doors of businesses by the "Pong brand" troubles, in order to "Pong brand" nowhere to hide, the need to start from their own, and consciously resist this poor behavior, steel doors of the market will become more standardized and orderly.

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01:21, Mar 07 2018

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