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Market complaint case on the floor

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21:54, Nov 05 2015

At present, with the continuous development of the flooring industry, the industry continues to advance at the same time, but also gradually rise to a series of problems, including disputes due to product quality problems caused by frequent, but this due to the lack of relevant industry standards, cheap interlocking outdoor tiles the floor on the market class in resolving disputes are somewhat weak. Home building materials market disputes mediation committee With the increase in the amount submitted this year, complaints of building materials, furniture and home improvement company's upward trend, furniture, building materials industry severely negative impact, in this case, not only affects the industry forward pace, but also to a large extent hinder the strength of the furniture industry upgrade.

Furniture, building materials industry is currently showing a specialized consumer disputes, complex, and high degree of difficulty, and because involving environmental, health and other issues, but also the relationship between the personal and property safety of consumers. It is reported that the county people's mediation committees furniture, building materials recently established the first district in Beijing's Chaoyang District. The main responsibilities of furniture and building materials for the people's mediation committee mediation between furniture, building materials enterprises, economic and civil disputes between contract furniture and building materials businesses and consumers, infringement;

basic people's court commissioned furniture, building materials and related disputes and mediation conduct legal advocacy. In addition, the committee hired eight building materials industry experts as consultants, were working in the national furniture and indoor environmental quality inspection center, China Building Materials Research Institute, China Building Materials Certification & Inspection Group Co., Ltd., Beijing ceramics Chamber of Commerce, will termites eat laminate flooring Beijing one million homes Interior Management Company, as a consumer mediation professional support force. Meanwhile, in all sectors and the associations grassroots clubs hiring 15 people's mediators, organizing training people mediators, examinations and certificates, develop various job responsibilities and work discipline.

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