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Furniture electricity supplier

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18:57, Nov 09 2015

Furniture throughout our working life, but as a large household consumer goods, e-commerce in the background now fully covered, whether to buy online furniture really like to buy clothes, to buy electrical appliances, like hand point-to? Looks like the two-eleven warm-up phase of the war is about to begin, the domestic furniture electricity providers behave not so enthusiastic and excited, reason, furniture electricity supplier subject to raw materials, prebuilt privacy panels for decks production, logistics constraints in particular objective, the scale of the effect is not formed, in the traditional furniture stores continued to slump, furniture electricity supplier has not completely taking over the transition period of the consumer market, how to find a good solution, both for furniture to cut costs through intermediate business platform, but also allows consumers to worry the quality and distribution services become an issue faced by the electricity supplier of furniture.

According to well-known household portals A recent study done by the electricity supplier is to make furniture feel the pressure, in the theme of "double 11 this year, you will choose online shopping furniture?" Survey, collected nearly 2000 consumer survey showed that 75 percent of users of online shopping furniture,tim carter triangle stairway cast doubt on the quality of products, 65 percent of users believe the store to buy furniture before they fly, and Tucao most is service, because of the huge volume of furniture and need dismantling.

returned the cost of goods produced are often unable to balance between B and C of that professional furniture electricity supplier brand Ya-tang, head of said: "furniture and decoration, the user of the style and the pursuit of quality than price, and these in the store to feel, furniture electricity providers want the biggest plastic composite boards to get users of all ages, must be based on the platform on-line in conjunction with the line up and generate linkage, allow consumers to eliminate the net purchase of furniture quality and after-sales concerns.

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