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Excellent fitted US home decoration

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03:49, Nov 10 2015

August, regulating the family network announced the brand image of the spokesperson for the actor Huang Xiaoming, early September, regulating the family network released a "full transparency" concept connection consumer and home improvement supply chain and service chain, "decoration platform 2.0." September 23, regulating the family network hand Bozo Sen decoration, with the advantage of its line decoration, intended to solve the "below the line go up, patio wall fabricators get down the line," the problem, so that the true meaning of home improvement O2O possible. Wyatt tries to install the network layout of the country's fast-paced advances August 1, known as "break the traditional home improvement Internet home improvement do the real sore point," the Wyatt House Science and Technology announced the 1.0 product line.

The main house decoration packages including Ashkenazi 688 yuan / square meter, old house renovation package 888 yuan / square meter. After more than a month, Yue loaded network launched 1.0Plus + Internet home improvement products, is based on the 1.0 upgrade products in the same time truly cost-effective product standardization.used decking for sale In addition, earlier announced its entry into the Tianjin market. According to Wyatt installed network chairman and CEO Gao Liang said, the future network plans to open branches in Wyatt installed Anhui, Chongqing, Chengdu and other country.

Excellent butler service decoration installation MEGA series from online and offline September, containing renovated gallery, brand mall, decoration housekeeper, intelligent environment hardware and many other innovative home improvement products and services Internet platform - preferably mounted MEGA formally launched, the biggest bright spot is the most important decoration butler service team. Decoration housekeeper, both with years of home improvement experience designer, foreman, supervision, project experts, but also by optimizing equipment MEGA professional training;

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23:55, Nov 30 2016

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