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Furniture, building materials practitioners

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20:24, Nov 10 2015

At the user level, the overall product user awareness of the decoration used is too low, it is easy Kengpian traditional decoration company, installed high prices low quality products. Decoration companies do not pay attention to word of mouth, not from the user level to consider the value to the industry reputation destroyed. Currently there is still part of the profits in the industry, that is why a lot of businesses do not want to transition,average cost of an eco friendly building but with the Internet platform channel sink to the second and third tier cities, businesses do not pay attention to the transformation of the market is likely to be eliminated. On the issue of cooperation with the decoration companies to develop open channels, Wang said, the decoration company will channel capital chain pressure on, account of the long and decoration companies often sleight of hand tricks, it is easy because of credit problems causing the channel loss.

Coupled with the decoration company will take a number of shoddy products, suppliers and users of two-way channel to extract value. In the two years practitioners talk process, summarize discovery billion euros net, traditional building materials business more difficult, the transformation and upgrading is imminent, wood plastic composite decking florida but awareness of the problem because of heavy resistance businesses make the transition stalled, plus two third-tier cities oppressed by channel is serious renovation costs even higher than the second and third tier, the negative impact of traditional decoration company to the industry caused by the shrinking real estate market, you just need to continue to decline, the traditional home building materials industry, as if into a deep within its walls and could not get out.

Shortcomings exposed, external forces to guide change, industrial upgrading and inject new strength Traditional home building materials business continues to expose a variety of ills, and businesses linger alive, do not want to change the face of business, do not change the internal and external forces will have to revolution, so the Internet to the home improvement, the arrival of this one group, a Forced seed extent in traditional businesses in the change, F2C model is gradually breaking the original industrial interests of the chain.

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01:21, Mar 07 2018

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