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Home stores up and down a unified stand

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20:48, Nov 23 2015

In his view, when the line, the line is "a group of people" when, whether online or offline transactions, are counted as their own performance. Electricity supplier performance assessment should not alone "Do B2C people are very clear what position the flow into the page which ultimately whether there is turnover, turnover of which product, in the days of the cat can be tracked back to get, so you can position in time for introduction of traffic, interior composite wall panelling as well as landing Products were analyzed to adjust and win a higher return on investment. "senior electricity supplier who Chen Kipping said," If the flow is introduced the line, the line is not traded, and that the data on the site can get access only to the amount of independence visitors, bounce rate, page arrival rate, which do not have the marketing of data.

" Many of the "shock" companies are just based on the few data to assess the performance of the team put into the budget as well as channels, with final sales to measure all aspects of job performance, delivery and assessment to be decided, which can easily lead to internal conflicts surge. Chen Kipping noted, O2O although simple from online to offline, website promotion and sales outlets, but the key question is how to enter the site traffic, lower import line stores,composite wood decking doghouse as well as in the import process, whether it is Which team's execution is a problem, the punishment which team, which rewards the team, which enhance the links, all of which need to have a perfect funnel traffic into and evaluation system. "From the product channel is concerned, under the same brand online and offline, they are more or less the existence of internal competition."

Executive Vice President Li Hua resistant building materials chain home electricity supplier division Lijian Chen told the Beijing Evening News Home Weekly reporter From their statistical data, the existence of a certain degree of overlap, but sales overlap does not exceed 2% of each other has not been greatly affected,attaching a roof to deck on a mobile home online, offline sales combined total is greater than the original and only line next time. "Online and offline products that do distinguish between on the one hand, household products for a model, it changed the nature.


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21:12, Nov 07 2016

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