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Ware counterfeiting big profits

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20:14, Jan 03 2016

Street shops and some building materials, sanitary ware brand because the number of agents with the possibility of selling adulterated. For the decoration of the consumer, may buy fake designer wares and channels as well as small and medium-decoration company guerrillas decoration. Now many consumers because there is no time for decoration materials procurement and other reasons are not familiar with, so that the decoration company will choose for labor and materials,warehouse recycled plastic deck so that the decoration workers help purchase decorative materials and toilet, faucet. Although the signing of the contract will ware and other products of the brand predetermined, but the actual installation process, because the owners are often not on the scene, which gives the fake traders selling fake brand-name collaborators decoration guerrillas ware products manufacturing opportunities. Experts remind people to buy home building materials, sanitary ware best travel professional bathroom brand mall stores to buy.

Related reports When cross-border phenomenon have occurred near the famous Since the tiles and sanitary ware products in the raw material of two similar, with a strong correlation, many companies both produce tiles also produces sanitary ware. In recent years, along with a lot of tile enterprise scale, have listed,wood plastic composite stadium seating the product structure of these enterprises have gradually extended to the field of sanitary ware. Such as Dongpeng, Wrigley, the new source, Faenza, dozens of well-known brand products have both tile sanitary ware products.

Ceramics and sanitary ware brand penetration of each other gave criminals extend opportunities, to create out of thin air near the famous XX sanitary conditions have occurred. So that consumers can not tell in the end which is a well-known brand sanitary ceramic tile brand's products, sanitary ware brand which is near the famous fake brand-name. 2014, the Mona Lisa bathroom two companies named boarded the sanitary quality of Chengdu and Beijing woodgrain laminate interior panels Industry and Commerce Bureau of sampling unqualified list, many people thought that the brand is famous Mona Lisa tile extension products, and Mona Lisa Group has said, they only produce tiles, sanitary products are all famous waterfront. Similarly, in 2014, consumers found that "Marco Polo bathroom", "Nobel bathroom" appears on the market, in fact they Marco Polo tiles and Nobel tiles are not the same company, aesthetic Ceramics Group and Nobel Group did not develop the bathroom products.

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