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Laminate flooring cost dispute

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21:22, Mar 09 2016

To reduce the formaldehyde content in the raw material is not easy, due to the current use of the wooden floor to strengthen the adhesive is still mainly urea-formaldehyde resin,basic decks for moble homes while the number of which is proportional to the formaldehyde content of the mechanical properties of plates, so handle formaldehyde content the problem, it needs a great investment and advanced technology. Talk about price is meaningless to talk about the price, the consumer is irresponsible attitude.

Zhang believes the forest, we all want the price of laminate flooring can be a little more favorable, a little lower, but there is a premise, we must first ensure that meet the national standard, composite outdoor dining manufacturers and then talk about prices. If you do not hit the value of war, only on price, then the industry dead. Flooring business under the premise of price but also to ensure profits, it can only be achieved by cutting costs. wood plastic composite material products The consequences of the vicious price cuts in exchange for the three high three low: low price, low cost, low quality;

high formaldehyde, high hazard, high complaint. Zhang forest that business is short-term price war outright, should not be advocated. Flooring Committee Secretary-General of China National Forest Products Industry Association, pointed out that the floor price trend Lu Bin, the price depends on market regulation,discount shutters in Cleveland County Lanfu market regulation but needs some special enterprises rational attitude. His analysis, mainly due to a price war caused, first, product homogeneity; the second is the traditional industry.

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