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wood Floor prices will continue

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21:38, Mar 22 2016

Here, have to mention some businesses, they not only do not laminate flooring prices, even said to be "flat to down", could be sold for 30-40 yuan / square meter. Whatever the price of the product, the indicators have reached the national standard, China Forestry Industry Association and China Consumer Association to strengthen the floor price is reasonable given accurate conclusions, in 2005 the price of 70 yuan more than is normal, and not those cheap laminate flooring are qualified. Raw material costs due to the recent strengthening of wood flooring production is increasing, therefore, wholesale wood patio fencing under normal circumstances, the cost of integrated products, including the factors operating expenses, installation services and materials costs, and now consumers should buy the normal price of 80 yuan Laminate flooring.

Zhang, president said, was with the Consumers Association proposed reserve price of $ 70 in 2005, because in recent years, laminate flooring prices declined, according to the Panel Testing Center formally released six or seven indicators fell. Under quality decline to talk about price competition? The core index, decreased wear,1/2 marine composite lumber decking water fall, fall within the binding force, the passing rate of 70%, in this case we are very worried about eventually made rotten board. Leaving the quality and price of the question.

we must first ensure that meet the national standard, outdoor advertising philippines requirements and then talk about prices. In fact wood flooring prices is much later than the rising raw material prices, in order to strictly ensure the quality of the product, this period has been the flooring manufacturers and middle enterprises at the expense of their own profits. But this situation can not be sustained indefinitely, any business can not always profitable. composite deck overlay planks 2006 floor price, filled with panic caused by soaring oil prices. Floor price is subject to the production floor resource, today's price is rehearsal.

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