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Wood supply instability

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00:48, Mar 25 2016

Until the year 2007, a large number of flooring brands in the market disappeared. This seems to confirm the earlier forecast of the industry in 2007, it is China wood flooring in death. This makes the hearts of Chinese flooring industry cast a lingering shadow. Indeed, just had an eventful 2006,how to hang a wood deck on a concrete slab this year let Chinese flooring industry encountered unprecedented challenges, brutally 337 investigation, anti-dumping and countervailing, raw material prices.

RMB appreciation and other bad news continued, is the ensuing one after another floor brand gradually fade out of sight ...... although forest recently spoke at a conference on wood noted that in 2007,pvc false ceiling in south africa the wooden floor is not "dead year", it touches can be seen as the flooring industry and forest industry in a golden period of development among the adjustment period. But "whether or not death,exterior wall coverings panel for the flooring industry most brand-name and small businesses in terms of 2007 or even later date certainly will not be easy." Senior flooring experts told reporters.

2007, floor-name deaths when data show that China strengthen the market size of the floor about 10 billion yuan or so, the national annual sales of only about 160 million square meters.composite fillers for decks "But the whole industry much more than 1,000 brands, more than 1,000 manufacturers. Far from adequate market environment will inevitably lead to more intense competition, the result is bound to be strong Always the Winner, the weak constant weak, survival of the fittest.

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