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Flooring industry patent

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18:19, May 29 2016

Today we will be friends in the media, which brings together some insights wanted to bring Chinese flooring industry through Yanjialong Group and Dewei floor victory here today we will start the Chinese patent pool floor, then I introduce today the scene leaders, veranda antislip wood panel on behalf of the Deputy Secretary-General Don flooring Committee called group today to participate in this press conference as well as industry experts and well-known domestic enterprises and the floor of the well-known lawyer.

on behalf of the event organizers and the German group Yanjialong Granville Wood Group said most sincere thanks to all concerned for the flooring industry.plastic wood decking texas With the reform and opening up, foreign trade depth of more and more industries to join the international trade circle, and a major force in the flooring industry is the rapid development, can flower pots be sat on a composite deck and this corresponds with the expansion of the flooring industry's share of international trade , global flooring industry back Unilin a big situation.

The focus of debate also focused on the core intellectual property flooring industry, intellectual property rights on them to go further, pvc tongue and groove porch decking and we can finally move towards the shore of victory, each brand can be our ultimate flooring industry into the international, to flourish.

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03:36, Aug 30 2016

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08:43, Mar 06 2018

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